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Lighting Maintenance Checklist

lighting maintenance
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People don’t take the time to check up on the lighting in their home, office, or retail space, and more than that, people don’t have a proper lighting maintenance checklist. Here you will find all the information you need to make your own lighting maintenance checklist and how it will benefit you. Preventative lighting maintenance includes regular inspections, test and replacements which help reduce the frequency of lighting failures.

Why You Need a Lighting Maintenance Checklist

The objective of a lighting checklist helps you to improve the lighting in your area, minimize costs, maximize energy saving and improve reliability throughout your business or home. This includes the minimization of future breakdowns by identifying important equipment to add to your checklist. Before we begin, it’s recommended you read up on lighting fundamentals for a full understanding of any terms you might not understand.

What to Include in Your Checklist

The first step to implementing your checklist is to perform these checks at regular intervals, this is to ensure the best use of your time and money. Let’s get right into it and see what you should add to your checklist.

  • Replace Any Burnt Out Lights: While this one is obvious, there is more to it. When a light goes out you should consider group replacement. This ensures proper lighting quality throughout. Light bulbs tend to have a certain shelf life and group replacement ensures a time saving solution to any lighting issues which may occur in the future. So be sure to do a sweep of all the lights to make sure they are in working condition.
  • Check Lighting Cables: Ensure that all your lights outside are functional and that the cables leading up to your lights are not damaged and sheltered from the elements, this includes checking the sealant on outside light fixtures.
  • Ensure That Lights Have the Same Color: If lights do not have the same color this could be an indication that the light is slowly reaching its shelf-life. Group replacement should be considered in this scenario.
  • Redirect Adjustable Lights: Due to wear and tear, the elements and human elements adjustable lights may not be pointing where they should be. This can in turn reduce your business or home lighting significantly. So be sure to keep an eye on adjustable lights.
  • Check for Dust: Dust can reduce the shelf-life of lamps and reduce a light’s performance – regularly dust and clean lamps and their fixtures during your checks.
  • Change Batteries Where Appropriate: Not all lighting fixtures make use of batteries however some do – it’s important that you check the status of the batteries on these devices, this can include batteries for smoke detectors as well.
  • Don’t Forget Compatibility: It’s important to keep in mind what type of lamps you have and what they require. E.g. most fluorescent lights require electric ballasts.

Lighting maintenance should not be a reactive plan but rather an active plan. Planning ahead allows you to allocate more funding and resources where necessary, it also allows you to manage your time more efficiently. Speaking of allocating more funding, group lamp replacement saves you quite a bit of money due to the fact that you are buying in bulk, it also ensures that all your lights have the same characteristics such as color, wattage and shelf life.

A good lighting maintenance checklist involves everything you’ve read above but it is not just limited to the checklist. It’s important that you know the equipment, having a properly inventoried system in place with information such as light manufacturer, fixture type and power consumption can help make it easier in the long run. This can even include such information as contact numbers to manufacturer representatives, to insure you get a discount when buying in bulk.

If you would like to find out more about lighting in general, how to save money on lighting, or how lighting can be energy efficient then be sure to check out the various services we offer at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric – from electrical repairs to electrical safety systems, to plumbing and air conditioning.


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