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Slab Water Leak Detection & Repair

slab water leak detection

A slab water leak or any number of water leaks can waste thousands of gallons of water in the average South Florida household each year. With growing drought concerns and ever-increasing water rates this is a major concern. Not to mention, leaking pipes can damage your home and may even become hazardous to your health.

So what’s a slab leak? In slab type home construction, a thin, reinforced concrete slab is laid on the prepared ground instead of digging a foundation into the ground and lining it with concrete. This is typical in South Florida.

In the case of slab foundation construction, the plumbing for the home is run under the concrete slab. The plumbing can remain trouble-free for decades, but shifting in the soil and aging of the plumbing materials can ultimately cause some failure in the system, leading to leaks that become apparent over time.

The location of the leak must then be located and the pipes repaired or replaced. In some cases, breaks in the slab itself may be at fault. These small defects must then be located and repaired.

A slab leak can cause a number of troubling symptoms in your home that indicate you need the services of an experienced plumber:

  1. Increasing water bills. If your water bill is much higher than it normally is, it could be a sign that you have a leak under the slab foundation.
  2. Damp odors in the house. The leak may cause your home to suddenly develop a damp, moldy odor from the constant wetness.
  3. Wet swampy areas in the yard. The flow of water from under the slab may accumulate in areas of the yard that stay constantly wet and spongy.
  4. Shifting of the foundation. You may notice unevenness in the floor as the foundation shifts on the water-soaked soil.

In the past, the plumbers had to drill into the foundation to repair leaks under the home. This procedure often required tearing up the flooring and considerable amounts of mess in the house. However, today, new methods and technologies allow us to find leaks utilizing other methods.

For more than three decades, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric has been diagnosing and repairing water leaks throughout the South Florida area. Our expert technicians constantly receive the best training and use cutting edge technology to quickly and effectively locate and repair your leak. Call us today for your peace of mind.