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Become More Energy Efficiency With A Lighting Retrofit

lighting retrofit
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Everybody wants to be more energy efficient. By reducing our carbon footprint, we’ll ensure a healthier planet for future generations. Energy efficiency does not only contribute to a lower carbon footprint and a healthier planet, but it also contributes to lower utility bills and more money for you at the end of the month.

What Is A Lighting Retrofit?

A lighting retrofit enables homeowners to replace components in their lighting system to make it more energy efficient. You are not replacing the entire lighting fixture, but merely upgrading your existing fixture in order to save energy and money. The amount you’ll save each year will provide you with significant returns on the amount you paid to have your lighting retrofit.

Why Should You Consider Upgrading?

By upgrading your household or office lighting, you will lessen your carbon footprint. For businesses you’ll have the advantage of reduced overheads and you may qualify for a tax rebate if you upgrade your lighting system. Both households and office spaces will benefit from better lighting, increased productivity and increased onsite safety. By reducing the total input wattage, without altering the number of hours that your lights are on, you are able to become more energy efficient. Lighting retrofitting will ensure that more energy efficient components replace outdated or energy draining components from your home or offices lighting system.

Total Replacement vs. Retrofitting

Either option could work, but it comes down to what you as the homeowner or proprietor would like to do and what you’d like to spend in the process. A full replacement may be worthwhile if your entire system is falling apart or extremely outdated. However, by retrofitting your existing lighting system you will be able to save on the costs of a total overhaul as well as save on future energy consumption. There are benefits to both replacement and a lighting retrofit, but you will need to take into consideration your own needs as well as what will be best suited to your property. If you have any doubts or concerns, you should speak to a lighting specialist that specializes in lighting services for both residential and commercial properties.

Benefits Of Upgrading Your Lighting System

Aside from potential tax rebates and a positive impact on the environment, there are other benefits to retrofitting your lights. You are able to reduce your total energy usage by at least 50% to approximately 75%, this reduction in energy usage will ultimately save you more money than the cost of retrofitting. Newer fixtures will also ensure that you have better lighting throughout your home and office spaces for better visibility and safety when you have your lights on. For commercial properties, better lighting can reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace and for both residential and commercial properties better lighting can be a deterrent for intruders. A lighting retrofit may also lower your HVAC costs as older light fixtures produce a lot of heat, by changing the fixtures you won’t be overworking your HVAC system. Lighting maintenance is important for any residential or commercial property but with a lighting retrofit you won’t need to maintain your lights as often and you won’t be bothered by flickering or buzzing lights all day.

Let Your Light Shine

It is not recommended to attempt to DIY a retrofit of your light fixtures. You need to have a thorough understanding of lighting fixtures and electrical wiring but in certain states; you need to be licensed to do electrical work. By utilizing the services of a licensed electrician to refit all of your existing features, you lessen the risk of electrical outages, exposed wires and even electrical fires. Contact your local friendly team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric for all your electrical needs. Let us help you shed some light on the situation.


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