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Plumbing, AC & Electric Tips

June 17, 2021

How To Choose The Best Residential Air Conditioning System

Reading Time: 3 minutes South Florida summers get hot. Living with no air conditioning system can be close to impossible. Choosing the right HVAC for your home and your budget is key. You should consider several factors when installing an HVAC system. These include the size of your home,…

June 15, 2021

Ask Art: Is A Tankless Water Heater More Efficient?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many homeowners are concerned about the overall energy efficiency of their homes, for the purpose of saving both money and the planet. One way to make that happen is through a tankless water heater. This system allows you to constantly heat and reheat your water,…

June 11, 2021

Plumbing Problems Caused By Old Pipes

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s no better feeling than buying your own home. Even if it’s a lot less modern than some of the newer homes on the market. Older homes can have a certain charm to them that’s irresistible to potential homeowners. What is irresistible, however, are the…

June 09, 2021

Regular Duct Cleaning Helps With Allergies

Reading Time: 3 minutes The spring allergy season has established itself without a doubt, and for many people the extra sunshine isn’t worth the extra pollen that’s floating around the air. If you have found yourself sneezing more frequently over the last few weeks, it might be worth looking…

June 07, 2021

How Do I Choose The Right AC Filter?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Indoor air quality is one of the most important factors for homeowners in South Florida. Even more important than that is having a well-functioning AC unit to combat those humid days. Your AC filter works to purify the air and keep the unit running efficiently…

June 03, 2021

Hot Trade Industry Careers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kids say the darndest things, so when you ask them what they would like to be when they grow up and they mention careers such as a plumber or electrician then you have to smile at the sincerity of their answer. Truth be told, trade…

June 01, 2021

Freshen Up On Your Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hurricane season is upon us, and you need to be ready. When hurricanes start to hit, you need to protect your family and your home. There’s no time to lose; you need to make hurricane preparedness a priority today. Now, let’s go through some of…

May 28, 2021

Art Plumbing, AC & Electric Offers $25,000 Hiring Bonus For ALL Technician Positions!

Reading Time: 2 minutes South Florida-based Art Plumbing, AC & Electric is announcing an unprecedented $25,000 hiring bonus for all seasoned plumbers, HVAC technicians, and electricians.  Being in the trade industry since 1983, Art has tailored its employee-centric work culture into an environment that encourages and rewards trade industry…

May 28, 2021

Coral Springs Trusted Generac® Repair Specialists

Reading Time: 2 minutes A home generator can keep your home running for hours in the event of a power outage. Generators offer instant convenience and safety when the weather disrupts the power. In South Florida, this is all too familiar with the occurrence of hurricanes. Generac® has been…

May 26, 2021

The Silent Signs Your Home Has Major Plumbing Problems

Reading Time: 3 minutes South Floridians can anticipate plumbing issues particularly after the rainy season, which can affect proper drainage and function of your system. We’ll discuss what silent signs to look for that could indicate your home has major plumbing problems. Licensed and state-certified, Art Plumbing, AC &…

May 25, 2021

What To Expect During A Water Heater Installation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Water heater installation can be disruptive, but a bit of groundwork ahead of time will make the process simple. Let’s take a look at the four stages of a typical water heater installation, and some things you can do to help. Water Heater Installation Stage…

May 20, 2021

When Is It Time To Update Your Bathroom Lighting?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Our bathrooms play an important role in our daily lives. It’s the place where we get the confidence we need to start the day. Additionally, it’s the sanctuary we retreat to when we need to unwind at the end of it. With that being said,…