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Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning Tips

uv light systems

UV Light Systems and Your AC

UV light systems can effectively keep your AC clean and improve the overall safety of your indoor air quality. Ultraviolet light has been used for over a hundred years for various purposes, many of which concern combating germs and diseases. With help from knowledgeable and trusted technicians, this is a simple and hassle-free installation which […]

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indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality For Commercial Buildings

With most of our days spent indoors, be it at home or at the office, indoor air quality is a vital aspect to the well-being of yourself and your employees. Indoor air quality is a general term which refers to the quality of the air and how it affects the health and comfort of people […]

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air filtration systems

Air Filtration Systems And Allergy Season

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes hiding inside air-conditioned buildings to keep your allergies at bay. Living and working without the proper air filtration systems installed could make you dread the next few months, so why not make sure you have the correct air purifying systems and filtration to keep the sniffling and […]

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air conditioning installers

An Air Conditioning Installers Step By Step Process

Having an air conditioner in South Florida is as essential as having a refrigerator in your home. It is a simple necessity needed to get through the sweltering heat. Almost all homes, condos, and apartment buildings are already fitted with an AC. AC’s typically last a good 10-15 years if they are properly maintained and […]

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HydroClear 3000

Commercial Flood Protection Systems for Your Apartment or Condo

Dealing with smaller-scale residential plumbing issues in a home is one thing. But trying to monitor and fix plumbing problems for apartments and condos can be a real pain if you do not have the best commercial flood protection system installed. This is a life-saver (quite literally!). The importance of a reliable and efficient flood […]

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24 hour plumber

Save Water With A 24 Hour Plumber And World Water Day

As we approach the 22nd of March (World Water Day) the global water crisis deepens. This year we may likely see the first city in the world run out of water. Globally temperatures are on the rise, and clean water is becoming more and more scarce. Only 3% of Earth’s water is fresh and less […]

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Plumbing companies

Hiring Unlicensed Plumbing Companies Could Land You In Hot Water

Whether you’re considering doing a major bathroom redesign or simply repairing a pesky leaking pipe, it is important to do your research on the person or plumbing company who will be providing you with their services. You should always insure they are licensed, and well versed in local building codes, to protect yourself from legal […]

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sewer and drain inspections

Clogged Sewer And Drain Inspections And Hacks

There is honestly nothing more annoying and frustrating that a clogged drain or sewer. You may notice that shower water drains too slowly or the water level in the toilet bowl rises after you’ve flushed. Sometimes you notice foul smells wafting up from the drains when there shouldn’t be any. These are all signs of […]

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kitchen remodel

Tips To Prepare For Your Kitchen Remodel To Keep The Process Smooth

Renovating or remodeling your home is one way to boost value on the market. The most popular additions for the home are a bathroom, living room, or kitchen remodel. The reason that these areas are so popular for remodeling is because they boost the aesthetics and functionality of a much-lived in and used space. This […]

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electrical rewiring

Electrical Rewiring Made Easy

Electrical rewiring isn’t something that should be taken lightly. While every household may need the services of an electrical professional every now and then – rewiring your home is not something you should leave to chance by attempting a DIY (do it yourself). You may think that you understand the process after spending a solid […]

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