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Sewer Repair

Cracked sewer lines and pipes are a serious issue that can lead to extensive damage in and on your property. If the sewer line isn’t repaired quickly, it can also have dangerous health implications. If a sewer line isn’t able to be repaired the next option is a sewer line replacement. 

sewer repair

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

  • Tree Root Invasion 
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Buildup of debris, grease, hair, oil, toilet paper, soaps, food, etc.
  • Construction
  • Age and corrosion 
  • Improper sewer line installation or layout

Indications Of A Broken Sewer Line

  • Gurgling toilet noises
  • Flooded yard or driveway
  • Sewage backup in your shower, bathtub, washing machine, dishwasher, or toilet
  • Greener patches of grass near the sewage pipes
  • Foul, noxious odors
  • Slow drains or no drainage at all

What Can Be Done For Broken Sewer Lines?

The rooter service professionals at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning are able to identify any and all damage to sewer pipes through a thorough investigation of the plumbing. The first line of defense is always to repair the problem, but if the problem isn’t fixable, the next step is a sewer line replacement. 

Underground plumbing issues and sewer line replacements typically involve various methods like hydro excavation, tunneling, and backfilling. A skilled sewer repair technician at Art will be able to evaluate your specific needs and guide you through the process.

broken sewer pipe repair

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