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may is maintenance month

May is Maintenance Month!

Summertime is fast approaching which means it is time to get out my Maintain Your Air Conditioning System soapbox and step up on it for a bit! Let me begin with the fact that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) considers South Florida to be in Climate Zone 1 which puts us among the hottest and […]

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What is Blower Door Testing?

What is Blower door testing you ask? First off, no we are not going to come to your house and blow on your door. We are, however, going to set a series of panels up in your front door (as pictured here) and in the bottom panel we will place a rather powerful fan. Depending […]

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air duct seal

Seal Those Old Ducts and Save!

When was the last time you gave any thought to the duct system in your home? Wait, my what? Exactly my point! Other than the occasional call I get for a duct cleaning quote most people give no thought to the duct system that distributes all that wonderful cool air throughout your domicile. Let’s back […]

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mini split ductless air conditioner

Mini Splits – What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Several of the more popular questions I get asked are “How can I air condition my garage?” or “We are adding a room to our home and the existing air conditioner will not handle the added load, what should we do?” The answer is very simple. We need to install a ductless or mini split […]

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air conditioning system pricing increase

Price Hike Alert!

Beat the Upcoming Price Increase! Back in early March, the Federal Government and the President of these United States decided to levy significant tariffs on imported aluminum and steel coming from certain countries. These tariffs are an additional 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum. Why do I care you ask? Two of the main […]

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I Need a New Air Conditioner – Now What?

As is usually the case, my musings here are based on reality. I just left a very unfortunate home owner here in Coral Springs who has some major problems in her home. The problems are very high humidity, biological or fungal growth around her new vents, a ridiculously high electric bill, and her family is […]

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attic rats

ATTIC RATS – Terror From Above

Rattus Norvegicus is the scientific name for the very common brown rat. I read an interesting article the other day which speculates that the overall rat population in the world is greater than the human population. So, what is that, around 8 billion rats scurrying around? With those kinds of numbers my happy home owner, […]

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bad smells

What’s That Smell?

Cue the Lynyrd Skynyrd music kids, today we are going to talk about odd smells in the home and dive into what some of the common causes are. The most common two sources for strange smells are going to be either your sewer system or your air distribution system. In the few geographic areas that […]

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air conditioner calculations - manuel j calculation

What is a Manuel J Calculation?

Air conditioning as a science began with Willis Carrier in 1902 to help air condition the printing plant in which he worked. In 1931, H. H. Schultz and J. Q. Sherman come up with a staple that we still use today – the window mounted air conditioning unit. In 1939 the Packard becomes the coolest […]

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hurricane preparation and evacuation tips

We Need to Evacuate – Now What?

I know it’s a little early in the year to be saying the word hurricane, however, an evacuation plan is always a good thing to have ready and to be prepared to act upon. There are other things that can happen that you may result in the need to leave your home in a hurry […]

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