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Outdoor Security Lighting

In the United States, a burglary occurs about once every 13 seconds. Thankfully, there are measures you can take to prevent you and your family from being victims of a home invasion. Outdoor security lighting can be a major deterrent for criminals

You need to take several steps when securing your home, but outdoor lighting is a significant part of home protection. They give you full visibility around your home without you having to investigate.

While there are many different types of security lighting like dimmers, timers, and floodlights, motion sensors are one of the best options for home security.

Outdoor Security Lighting
Outdoor Security Lighting

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a type of outdoor security lighting system. They detect movement in their designated area and automatically turn the lights on if motion is detected. Once the movement and dangers are gone, they turn off again.

They discourage intruders for many reasons, one being the element of surprise. A stranger might notice the floodlights around your house and assume you forgot to turn them on. What they now see as an opportunity to hide in the darkness is actually your motion sensors waiting to catch them off guard.

A highlight of motion sensors is how much energy they save. Since they only come on when motion is detected and turn off after a set amount of time, they use less electricity than floodlights that remain on all night long. They are also significantly less irritating than the constant beam of light from floodlights.

Where To Put Them

​​​​​​There are several essential places to install motion sensors. It would be best to focus them on all entryways, driveways, and corners of your home. This helps illuminate anyone attempting to enter your home. The corners of your home are necessary because it will help you spot intruders before they get close to any entrances.

You can also consider installing motion sensors above any decks, patios, and in pool areas. Protecting these areas will also help you see anyone before they have an opportunity of getting near your home.

Things To Consider

In addition to preventing intruders, motion detecting lights will also help your family. There can be some danger and difficulty in trying to open your front door at night when you forget to turn on the light. Motion sensors will eliminate that problem for you completely and ensure you always will have a light.

If you’re concerned that the motion sensors will be triggered too often by animals or other small movements, you can change the sensor’s range. Doing this will still allow it to pick up someone walking through your yard, but it will limit the amount that the light is triggered by non-threatening movement.

Most motion sensors have a long lifespan. They’re extremely low maintenance, which makes them the perfect low-effort addition to your home security system. Just install them and forget them.

Since these lights don’t require a switch, they are a great help to any disabled, elderly, or children in the home. Motion sensors will provide them a level of autonomy that other lights cannot provide.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting Installation In Coral Springs

Electric wiring should not become a do it yourself project, especially when it’s outdoor wiring. If the lights aren’t installed correctly, water can infiltrate the detector and ruin your new motion sensors. To ensure they’re installed correctly, hire a professional.

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