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Improve The Safety Of Your Employees With Emergency Lighting

emergency lighting
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In the United States, businesses are required to have emergency lighting in place. This type of lighting is a necessary safety feature for employees and the business as a whole. It is a reliable, efficient way of limiting risks, particularly in the case of emergency evacuations. Emergency planning is an important and mandatory aspect of any business. Having safety precautions in place, such as battery-powered emergency lighting, will help put your mind at ease and improve the safety of your staff. If you don’t already have an emergency lighting system in place, call an experienced electrician before it’s too late.

The Purpose Of Emergency Lighting

Businesses must have a range of safety precautions to ensure that their staff and customers are as safe as possible. Emergency lighting, which switches on when the electricity goes off, is one of these safety measures. It might seem insignificant, but this type of lighting is essential if an emergency arises. Emergency lighting remains on if, for example, the electricity suddenly goes off. They are generally illuminated by LED or incandescent lighting. This installed emergency measure will then light up emergency exits and routes to safety. Trying to safely and efficiently make your way out of a building can be near-impossible if everything is covered in complete darkness.

The Florida Building Code states that emergency lights must have enough battery power to stay on for at least 90 minutes during an outage. They must illuminate the way out of the building. Emergency lighting must also automatically illuminate all corridors, exits and aisles in the case of a power outage. A knowledgeable, licensed electrician will help you with the latest safety requirements and install approved emergency lighting.

If, for example, a building needs to be evacuated due to a fire, emergency lighting will indicate exits and light up passageways and pathways. Ensuring the safety of everyone on your company’s property should be your primary concern. Emergency lighting can help put your mind at rest. It is the best-case scenario for the worst-case scenario. We can’t live expecting some sort of an emergency or crisis, but we should always be prepared to handle one if the need arises. Issues such as inefficient evacuation plans, and faulty lighting and signage lead to problems which could easily have been avoided by installing reliable emergency lighting.

The Benefits Of Emergency Lighting

This lighting provides the safest and most efficient evacuation of a space such as an office or factory. This measure will help guarantee that everything runs as smoothly as possible during any scenario. Emergency lights also help people feel calmer in high-stress situations such as a fire. Everyone is able to see the emergency lighting and, as a result, follow the best way out of the building in the shortest amount of time.

Emergency lighting isn’t expensive or complicated to install. But it is best to go with top of the range options, installed by licensed professionals. This means that your lighting will be incredibly reliable and have a long lifespan. Costs in the long run will be lower. Cheaper equipment becomes incredibly costly when it is not working properly during an emergency.

The unfortunate reality is that we must always be prepared for the worst, as an emergency situation can occur at any moment. Emergency planning is non-negotiable. Call a licensed electrician at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric to ensure your and your employees’ safety.


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