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Air Conditioning

October 18, 2021

Avoidable AC Problems

Reading Time: 4 minutes With our sweltering South Florida heat, an air conditioner is a major convenience that makes our daily lives bearable. Unfortunately, despite its necessity, many homeowners don’t properly maintain their system. This often results in emergency calls to an HVAC technician for both basic and serious…

September 28, 2021

An AC Tune-Up: Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh

Reading Time: 3 minutes If there’s one rule most homeowners subconsciously follow it’s, “if it’s not broken, it isn’t a problem”. However, you can’t take that risk when it comes to your AC unit; especially when you’re living in South Florida and having a working AC is vital. This…

September 20, 2021

Maintaining Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

Reading Time: 3 minutes With a variety of commercial property types, commercial air conditioning (AC) is a must. It’s well known that in South Florida, you can’t live or work without a functioning AC. These units will need regular preventative maintenance for common commercial air conditioning issues. Taking into…

August 19, 2021

Ask Art: Is My AC Broken?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When it comes to South Florida’s heat, there’s no point in trying to fight it; just keep the AC running. Unfortunately, the constant use without regular maintenance may eventually cause your AC to stop working. To make matters worse, it can be quite difficult to…

August 09, 2021

Proper Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a homeowner, you know that every inch of your home requires maintenance. Your air conditioning system is no different. Due to how expensive HVAC repairs can be, you should be keeping a close eye on your cooling system. Proper maintenance may be what’s standing…

July 27, 2021

AC Maintenance: Preparing For Hurricane Season

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hurricane season is here. The last thing you might be thinking about is AC maintenance. You’re likely preparing the rest of your home for strong weather conditions, but don’t forget about preparing your air conditioner for the changing weather patterns! Air conditioning maintenance should be…

July 15, 2021

Is Your HVAC System Unhealthy?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you have an HVAC system for a long time, chances are you will need to have it checked for possible issues along the way. Most HVAC systems are designed to be long-lasting. If they aren’t installed properly and haven’t been tested for issues along…

June 17, 2021

How To Choose The Best Residential Air Conditioning System

Reading Time: 3 minutes South Florida summers get hot. Living with no air conditioning system can be close to impossible. Choosing the right HVAC for your home and your budget is key. You should consider several factors when installing an HVAC system. These include the size of your home,…

June 07, 2021

How Do I Choose The Right AC Filter?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Indoor air quality is one of the most important factors for homeowners in South Florida. Even more important than that is having a well-functioning AC unit to combat those humid days. Your AC filter works to purify the air and keep the unit running efficiently…

April 30, 2021

What Is Included With Cleaning In An AC Maintenance Plan?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you make AC maintenance a priority, you invest in a long service life from your air conditioner. Moreover, you also have lower repair and utility bills. Regular AC maintenance goes a long way to keeping you cool in the South Florida heat. Here, we’re…

April 15, 2021

What Happens If You Ignore The Need For AC Repair?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever seen the meme about how some people will ignore strange sounds coming from their vehicles by cranking the volume up on the stereo? Well, when it comes to your home’s AC unit, you can’t just turn up the music to eliminate strange…

March 04, 2021

A Guide For Preventative AC Maintenance

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the warm South Florida climate, we all know the difference that an AC makes in our homes and workspaces. Easily taken for granted, our AC units work tirelessly to keep us comfortable and cool throughout the year. Without preventative AC maintenance, you may find…