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Electrical FAQ

Why do my lights flicker when I use certain appliances?

Flickering lights can result from overloaded circuits, loose wiring, or faulty fixtures. It’s important to have a professional inspect your electrical system. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can diagnose and resolve these issues to ensure safe and reliable power.

What should I do if I experience frequent electrical outages?

Frequent outages can indicate problems with your electrical panel or wiring. It’s crucial to have a professional inspection to identify and fix the underlying issue. Our team provides comprehensive electrical diagnostics and repairs.

How can I tell if my home’s electrical system is up to code?

Ensuring your system meets the National Electrical Code (NEC) standards involves checking for grounded outlets, GFCI outlets in wet areas, and proper wiring. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric offers thorough inspections and upgrades to bring your system up to code.

When should I upgrade my electrical panel?

Consider upgrading if your panel is old, if you frequently trip breakers, or if you’re adding high-power appliances. Upgrading ensures your home can safely handle increased electrical loads. We provide expert panel upgrade services.

What are the benefits of installing surge protectors?

Surge protectors safeguard your electronics and appliances from power surges, which are common during Florida’s thunderstorms. We offer professional installation of whole-house surge protection systems.

Why does my circuit breaker trip frequently?

Frequent trips can be caused by overloaded circuits, short circuits, or ground faults. It’s essential to address these issues to prevent potential hazards. Our electricians can identify and fix the root cause of breaker trips.

How can I improve the safety of my home’s electrical system?

Regular inspections, upgrading old wiring, installing GFCI outlets, and using surge protectors can enhance safety. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric offers safety assessments and necessary upgrades to keep your home secure.

What should I do if I smell burning from an outlet?

A burning smell indicates a serious issue like an overloaded circuit or faulty wiring. Turn off power to the affected area and contact a professional immediately. Our emergency services are available to handle such situations promptly.

How can I add more outlets to my home?

Adding outlets requires professional installation to ensure safety and compliance with electrical codes. Our team can assess your needs and install additional outlets where required.

What are the advantages of LED lighting?

LED lighting is energy-efficient, long-lasting, and produces less heat compared to traditional bulbs. Upgrading to LED can reduce your energy bills and improve lighting quality. We offer LED installation services for homes and businesses.