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June 05, 2023

The Importance Of Calling An Electrical Company After The Storm

Reading Time: 2 minutes Did you know that hurricanes and climate disasters have cost the US over 2 trillion dollars worth of damage over the last 40 years? Here in South Florida, homeowners are no strangers to storms and the havoc they can wreak on their homes. Whether you’ve been hit…

May 22, 2023

Why You Should Hire An Electrician To Conduct An Electrical Audit

Reading Time: 3 minutes For most homeowners, electrical maintenance is often ignored and put on the long list of home improvement projects. An electrician is usually only someone we call when our power has gone out! An electrical service that is often ignored is an electrical audit. When electrical audits are overlooked,…

May 15, 2023

Benefits Of Emergency Electrical Services

Reading Time: 3 minutes Electricity is an important part of daily life, providing light, powering gadgets, and generally making life easier. However, electrical emergencies can happen at any time, leaving you feeling helpless and even in danger. Emergency electrical services make sure that you get immediate assistance outside of…

May 01, 2023

Understanding Smart Electrical Panels

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all have an electric panel in our home, and they haven’t changed much over the years. But the last few years have brought about greater global energy demand, and this highlights the need for more intelligent and efficient electrical systems. Bring on the smart…

April 14, 2023

The Future Of Vehicle Charging Stations

Reading Time: 3 minutes Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular, largely due to technological advancements and a growing concern for the environment. As the demand for EVs continues to grow, the future of vehicle charging stations will play an important role in the successful transition to a more…

April 12, 2023

The Importance Of Electrical Inspections In An Older Home

Reading Time: 2 minutes An electrical inspection should be included in your home maintenance plan every few years especially if you own an older home. During an electrical inspection, the electrical system will be evaluated to ensure all wiring, plugs, and any electrical components meet safety standards. Electrical inspections…

April 03, 2023

A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a homeowner in South Florida, understanding your home’s electrical panel is essential. Your electrical panel, also known as a breaker box or circuit breaker panel, is the central hub that distributes electricity throughout your home. Without it, your appliances, lights, and other electrical devices wouldn’t work….

March 27, 2023

Benefits Of Hiring An Electrical Company For Your Home Electric Repairs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Power outages and blown fuses can be annoying and hinder your daily tasks especially if the devices and appliances you are using need electricity to work. However, no matter how frustrated you are, you should never attempt DIY electrical repairs. Irrespective of the amount of…

March 23, 2023

Benefits Of Whole Home Surge Protection

Reading Time: 3 minutes A whole home surge protector is important in our modern world. Surges of power can damage your appliances, electronics, and electrical system. Disruptions to the power grid, severe weather conditions, and outdated electrical infrastructure all contribute to the risk of power surges. Whole home surge…

March 06, 2023

Commercial Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Reading Time: 3 minutes The popularity of electric vehicles is showing no signs of slowing. In fact, the number of electric vehicles used globally grew from 1.2 million in 2016 to 11.3 million in 2021! As this number is sure to increase, it is more critical than ever to install commercial…

February 13, 2023

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Electrical Panel Replacement?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Homeowners have insurance because their mortgage requires it and for peace of mind that their home and various assets are protected in any unforeseen event or emergency. One of the stipulations most homeowner insurances insist on, is that electrical panels must be installed by a…

January 27, 2023

Bathroom Lighting Installation Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes To have a bathroom you love takes careful planning and implementation. After all, bathrooms are one of the first things guests see when they enter your home. There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect bathroom, including how you light it. Lighting plays an…