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Category: Lighting

commercial lighting maintenance

The Importance Of Lighting Maintenance In Commercial Spaces

Lighting maintenance should be treated the same as maintaining something like a car – it’s better to be proactive than reactive. In most cases, the approach – especially in commercial spaces – takes on the latter. Light fixtures are left to build up dirt and dust instead of being regularly cleaned to allow for better […]

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting That Makes Your Exterior Stand-Out

Outdoor lighting can at times be neglected when designing your home, one of the main reasons being, you can only know you need light outside when you find yourself sitting in the dark! Take it from us, it is definitely worth every penny of investment, in fact, you should consider it as important as indoor […]

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Bathroom Lighting

Consider Updating Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms are an incredibly underrated space in your home but are probably one of the most important. It is a room where you start and finish your day, which is why creating a perfect atmosphere is imperative. Whether you’ve just bought a new home or looking to modernize your old space, careful lighting considerations need […]

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Electrical Repair

My LED Lights Won’t Stop Flickering: Do I Need An Electrical Repair?

Part of home maintenance is knowing what the signs are for when you may need lighting or electrical repair. A common home lighting system used today is the LED-type which is installed at fixtures and connected to a dimmer switch; a plate with an illuminated scale that can adjust the degree of lighting from low […]

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Landscape Lighting Ideas

Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

In South Florida, we are lucky to have many warm evenings that are perfect for spending quality time with friends and family. What better way to light up these occasions, or any other evening at home, than with landscape lighting for your outdoor space? What Is Outdoor Landscape Lighting? We all know how important indoor […]

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Security Lighting

Eliminating Dark Hiding Spots With Security Lighting

Security lighting is primarily installed to eliminate dark hiding spots, deter or detect intrusions and / or criminal activity and give you an increased feeling of safety. They can be placed above doors and main pathways, as well as the sides of your home and backyard. If you use the wrong type of lighting or […]

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lighting maintenance

Lighting Maintenance Checklist

People don’t take the time to check up on the lighting in their home, office, or retail space, and more than that, people don’t have a proper lighting maintenance checklist. Here you will find all the information you need to make your own lighting maintenance checklist and how it will benefit you. Preventative lighting maintenance […]

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commercial lighting

The Effect of Commercial Lighting on People

When designing a workspace in which your employees will spend hours staring at documents and screens, or any room where you’ll be interacting with clients, the importance of proper lighting cannot be overlooked. Lighting has a strong influence on mood and poor commercial lighting could be creating a bottleneck in employee productivity. It could also […]

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electrical repair

Electrical Repair – Listen To Your Lights!

If you’re struggling with flickering lights calling out for professional electrical repair may seem excessive, however, minor underlying issues causing the lights to flash and flicker may lead to further electrical problems that could become costly issues if not sorted out early. For example, surges in power and faulty or loose wiring can lead to […]

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Home lighting

Upgrade Your Home Lighting With Modern, Recessed Lights

Have you noticed other people starting to replace old fluorescent tube lights with sleek new recessed lighting? Here’s how you should be updating your home lighting to make your house appear more modern with the help of Art Plumbing, AC & Electric. What Are Fluorescent/ Tube Lights? Fluorescent bulbs became very popular at the start […]

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