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December 13, 2021

Common Indoor Lighting Problems

Reading Time: 4 minutes Indoor lighting problems usually bring to mind flickering bulbs or switches that shock you if you get too close. Sure, the presence of dangerous wiring and electrical issues is certainly something you need to address with your electrician, but there’s a different type of lighting…

November 03, 2021

Is It Time To Update Your Office Lighting?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Good office lighting is essential to any office space. Not only do you need to be able to see what you’re doing, but the right light can help prevent headaches and facilitate concentration. The right lighting fixtures can also add the right ambiance to your…

October 20, 2021

Is It Time To Update Your Indoor Lighting?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Indoor lighting isn’t something we think about every day, even though we’d be lost if we flicked the switch and nothing happened. With that in mind, why would you consider redoing your indoor lights if they’re still working for you? There are three main reasons…

July 23, 2021

How To Know Which Bulb To Use In Your Home Lighting

Reading Time: 3 minutes Each person is going to have different home lighting goals that depend on several different factors. Without any knowledge of light bulbs and how they work, it’s hard to achieve those goals. You might even think you’re stuck with the poor lighting you currently have….

May 20, 2021

When Is It Time To Update Your Bathroom Lighting?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Our bathrooms play an important role in our daily lives. It’s the place where we get the confidence we need to start the day. Additionally, it’s the sanctuary we retreat to when we need to unwind at the end of it. With that being said,…

March 24, 2021

Specialty Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lighting is one of the most important features for creating the right ambience in each room of your home. Take your living room for example – specialty lighting is key in your living room as it needs to be able to adjust for many different…

March 16, 2021

How To Save Money On Your Home Lighting Costs

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all know at least one version of the old joke about how many people it takes to change a light bulb, but many of us take our lighting for granted. While most of our homes are now lit by energy-efficient bulbs, this change is…

February 22, 2021

Indoor Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lighting is often an overlooked aspect of a home’s interior design until you realize your home lighting isn’t as beneficial as it should be. Your indoor lighting could be too bright, too dark, or just too sporadic without ever adding value to your home. With…

February 18, 2021

Outdoor Specialty Lighting For Your Home Or Office

Reading Time: 2 minutes Having the right lighting can make all the difference in the appearance of your home, the security of your business, and how safe customers feel when walking through parking lots. Here are a few ways to take advantage of specialty lighting to highlight your landscaping,…

February 10, 2021

Commercial Lighting Ideas For Your Work Space

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all know that working in natural light is best, but natural lighting is unfortunately not always available in the workplace. The next best thing to natural light is good quality, well placed electrical lighting. This is especially important when it comes to commercial lighting….

November 23, 2020

Consider Updating Your Home Lighting To Increase Your Space’s Value

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your home lighting might be one of the most important and overlooked aspects of your home’s interior. With all of us spending more time at home while we work from our home office and our kids have Zoom lessons at the kitchen counter, good indoor…

October 16, 2020

The Importance Of Lighting Maintenance In Commercial Spaces

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lighting maintenance should be treated the same as maintaining something like a car – it’s better to be proactive than reactive. In most cases, the approach – especially in commercial spaces – takes on the latter. Light fixtures are left to build up dirt and…