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Plumbing Tips on How to Treat Drain Blockage

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Welcome back my friends! Let us start off today with some very appetizing objects. Hair, grease, fat, soap scum, food particles, all of these things and more go into your plumbing system daily, and can, over time, cause some serious issues.

At one time or another, all of us have experienced the joy of a drain that won’t drain due to some kind of blockage. I usually start off by asking the question what to do, but today I’m flipping it a bit and telling you what NOT to do.

Do not reach for an over-the-counter, harsh, dangerous, liquid drain opener. These products are not only caustic and dangerous, but they can cause some serious damage to your plumbing system over time. These types of products are usually acid based, and can eat away at the interior of your plumbing system. This is particularly true if you have an older home with a cast iron plumbing system.

Think about a jar of peanut butter for a second, if you stick your finger into the jar and pull it back out, it leaves a hole. The walls of the jar are still coated with peanut butter. This is the same result you will get using a typical drain opener. The clog that is stopping your sink or shower from draining is like that jar of peanut butter. You pour a drain opener down, it hits the clog, and only works until it burns a hole through the clog and then drains out leaving the walls of the pipe still coated with all those fun things mentioned at the beginning of today’s diatribe. Ok, now let’s ask the famous question of what should you do?

Since 1976, the plumbing industry nationwide has trusted one of the only actual drain cleaners on the market — Bioclean®. What is Bioclean you ask? Bioclean is a mix of living enzymes and bacteria that thrive on things like hair, food particles, etc. It is harmless to humans and pets. The mix of bacteria in Bioclean is very similar to the bacteria found in your intestinal system, and instead of just opening a hole in the clog, the bacteria clings to the inner walls of your plumbing system and multiplies in this food rich environment.  Consistent use of Bioclean can take a problem child plumbing system and make it a free flowing dream come true. Understand though that Bioclean is not a miracle worker. Keep in mind that if the sewer line of your home has breaks, roots, or other major problems, Biolcean will not fix those types of issues.

Once again, a camera inspection of your sewer system will reveal if you have major problems, or its just build up from years of use.  For a limited time, call 1-888-TELL-ART or visit to schedule a complimentary camera inspection of your sewer system. BONUS OFFER! If you mention this blog post at the time of any service call, being a faithful reader here will get you $20 off a full year’s supply of Bioclean® for your home!

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