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What To Do When You Discover A Pipe Cracked

pipe cracked
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Cracked or broken pipes cause several issues in your home. The main problems cracked pipes cause include water damage, contamination, flooding, and blockages, they can also increase your monthly utilities bill due to water wastage.

Cracks in plumbing pipes can happen at any point during the lifespan of them however wear and tear often triggers older pipes to crack. ​​​​​​

What To Do With A Cracked Pipe

If you find a pipe that’s cracked it’s better to act sooner rather than later. The longer you leave any plumbing problem untreated the more damage it will cause. Taking care of a cracked pipe quickly will help you save money and reduce the damage caused to your home. A professional plumber is needed to fix cracked pipes, you can temporarily fix your cracked pipe until they can get there. ​​​​​​

The Main Causes Of Cracked Pipes

There are many reasons why a plumbing pipe could crack – here are a few of them.

Use Has Rapidly Increased

When use is increased by water pressure increasing or faucets continuously running, cracked pipes sometimes occur. Your pipes might not be able to handle increased water pressure and will either crack or burst which can often lead to leaks, flooding, and water damage.

Loose Joints

One of the most common causes of pipe cracks is when the joints loosen. Loose joints and anchor bolts that are broken on plumbing fixtures can also cause leaks in the water supply.

Pipe Connection Cracks

Cracks often like to occur where the faucet or pipe fitting connects to the plumbing pipe. Many of the connectors are made of plastic rather than metal. Plastic is more susceptible to cracking due to temperature changes which cause thermal contraction and expansion.

Extreme Weather

Summer in South Florida can be hot, very hot. Extreme temperatures due to weather can cause pipes to crack or burst. This occurs when the heat expands or contracts the pipes in your home.

Pipe Debris

Debris can end up in your home’s plumbing system, debris buildup causes water pressure to increase inside your pipes which can lead to cracks.

Unsealed Piping

If sealed wrong, pipes can crack and burst. Usually, this happens if homeowners try to repair their piping themselves. When having any plumbing project completed in your home make sure you use a licensed plumbing company.

Increased Water Pressure

Incorrect pipe fittings can cause water pressure to be excessive. If left alone, large amounts of water can cause cracks in your pipes leading to leaks and flooding within your home.

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