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Outdoor Plumbing For Your Poolside Bar And Kitchen

Outdoor Plumbing
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In South Florida, days spent by the pool, enjoying a barbeque, and spending time with loved ones are a great way to spend your weekend. A poolside bar or kitchen is an added touch that will definitely impress!

Having poolside amenities is, of course, a luxury, but it’s also an added convenience. How nice would it be to be able to entertain your guests with food and beverages without having to leave the backyard? These features are great for your outdoor area and they come with many advantages.

Taking care of your outdoor plumbing is the number one priority at Art Plumbing, AC and Electric. It’s our area of expertise so we’ve put together some professional plumbing tips for you while you plan your outdoor area.

Your outdoor kitchen will require the important necessities of an indoor kitchen such as a sink, drainage, and hot water supply.

Outdoor plumbing is not as complicated as it seems. In some cases, it’s easier and less expensive depending on where the outdoor bar or kitchen is located.

If you’re still in the beginning phases of your project and are working out a budget, it would be a good idea to have a professional come in and provide you with an estimate. Art Plumbing, AC and Electric offer plumbing inspections for your home. This will be a good place to start your planning, getting expert advice to consider.


Having access to water in your outdoor kitchen or poolside bar is a must if you want to avoid running in and out of the house to prepare your food for the barbeque!

Having hot water instead of cold water is not a necessity, however, you’ll want to include a sink that has a drainage system. It’s possible to include a water heater to serve the area if that’s what you’re looking for. Having a working drainage system is crucial for many reasons.

Plumbing for a kitchen sink that is closer to the house will be less expensive.

As a last option, using a bucket to catch the wastewater will work too. You will need to consider the amount of food waste that will occur as bad odors will become a reality if your drainage system is not set-up to handle this.

Kitchen Features

Choosing the finer details of your kitchen and poolside bar is the fun part!

From the faucet to the sink, these details all make up the final aesthetic. Stainless steel is the best option for the sink itself. It’s durable and the most hygienic. Be careful in selecting solid copper or solid bronze sinks. Over time, these will become earthy looking. Sinks that have a copper or bronze finish should also be avoided.

When selecting the faucet, solid brass faucets with a physical vapor deposition (PVD) finish work best. Faucets with plastic parts, rubberized buttons, or are not created with the PVD process are not suitable for outdoor kitchen areas.

Outdoor kitchen areas are a great addition to your backyard, giving you opportunities to host your guests comfortably. It can be an inexpensive way to spruce up your outdoor area and transport your guests on a mini-vacation for the day. You’ll be able to serve them right out of the pool and you’ll never miss an hour of the sun by wasting time indoors.

We’ve got the plumbing taken care of! Get planning and contact Art Plumbing, AC and Electric and we’ll help you make this a reality.


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