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Navigating South Florida Plumbing Codes

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When beginning a new home improvement project, a bathroom renovation or an installation of a brand-new water heater, it’s important to know and understand the plumbing codes and regulations. Your States plumbing codes are revised and updated – the current set of plumbing codes in Florida were updated in July 2017. Knowing that your plumbing project was completed in line with the current code standard is important and why you should hire a licensed plumber who is up to date and knowledgeable with the latest revisions.

Importance of the Current Codes

Going through each and every building code requires a lot of time and patience – the codes cover everything related to plumbing from pipe protection, plumbing fixtures and water heaters to storm and sewage draining. These codes are in place to protect you and your community’s well-being and health.

For example, ensuring that the water supply system is designed to not allow flood water to enter, ensures that everyone continues to receive fresh clean water. Making sure that sewer content cannot leak out into flood water, ensures diseases such Cholera are not exposed to the population. Codes that restrict the use of materials are in place to ensure pipes do not corrode, which can lead to harmful deposits entering the water supply, and to prevent leaks from occurring.

Regulations that stipulate how pipes are to be fitted are in place to decrease the likelihood of pipe damage. Having steel heat shields in place where piping may come into contact with wooden support beams, is to protect the wood from coming in contact with moisture that may develop on the exterior of pipes, which can then lead to the wood weakening or rotting. These shields also protect the wood from hot water pipes which may transfer heat to the wood and creating a fire.

If you do not follow the required codes for installing a water heater, you can turn your home into a ticking time bomb. If a non-regulation valve has been installed, you run the risk of having the entire water heater explode, which can cause major damage to your home

Choosing the Right Plumber

Not only should you look for a plumber that is knowledgeable on the latest building codes, you should only hire a licensed plumber, as they will be held responsible for their work quality and for completing the work to code.

There are many online tools to help you research the history of a company. It is completely acceptable for you to ask a plumber for their or their company’s license number, which can be checked on sites such as the Florida DBPR. Should a plumber refuse to give you their license number, or proof of insurance, that is a huge red flag and reason enough to take your business elsewhere.

No matter how big or small your plumbing needs are, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric has a team of qualified and licensed plumbers that can complete your plumbing to the highest quality and in accordance to Florida’s plumbing codes. If you have any plumbing issues in your home or business please contact us at 1-800-475-1504 and remember Art Can Fix It!


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