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Tips To Keep Your Water Bill Low in Coral Springs This Summer

Water Bill Tips
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Keeping Your Water Bill Low in Coral Springs

With summer on our doorstep we all know that our monthly expenses are going to rise. Thanks to the need to keep ourselves cool and comfortable, air conditioners will be in full force, swimming pools will be kept full, and water usage will be at an annual high. However, if you are looking to lower your living costs and save a little cash this summer Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning has put together a few simple ideas that you can use to lower your water bill without compromising your comfort this summer.

Outdoor Savings:

1. Nobody wants that patchy yellow grass that comes with sunny weather, but watering your lawn can push your water bill up much higher than it needs to be. To lower this, find out about where the water you use for the lawn and garden is coming from and make sure that it is not being drawn from your city water supply. Tapping into a well or canal water supply will be more cost effective.

2. Try watering at night during summer. By only watering your lawn and plants at night you will reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation. This means the lawn and your plants will require less water for survival, thus cutting your water usage and bill down, and saving you money.

3. Plant indigenous plants. Some plants will demand far more water than others for survival. Plants naturally found in the area will be better at coping with and adapting to the local climate and therefore will be able to grow successfully without needing special attention and extra watering that other alien species will need. Although South Florida does not suffer the same plight as California when it comes to the water supply, it does help your water bill if you only need to rely on the natural water and rain supply to keep your garden looking in peak condition.

4. If you are feeling super conscious about your water usage and bill you can look at capturing rainwater in a container or tank and use it to water you garden in drier months – no money spent at all!

Indoor Savings:

1. Depending on the season, the people of Coral Springs use about 50-70 gallons of water every day, just inside their homes. What you may not know is that roughly 28% of your water bill goes down the toilet! You can reduce your water waste by using a medium sized rock. Place this into the tank of your toilet, and you’ll raise the water levels, which in turn reduces the amount of water used per flush.

2. Another way to lower your water bill is by using your dishwasher. Most people think that hand washing dishes cuts back on their water usage, but in actual fact a fully loaded dishwasher uses less water than getting your hands dirty in a sink. But don’t cheat; always fill the dishwasher completely, and scrape left over food into the bin instead of pre-rinsing dishes. Plus, now there will be no more fighting over whose turn it is to wash the dishes!

3. One of the biggest water wasters is running faucets. Making sure all your faucets are closed and don’t leak – this is one sure-fire way to prevent high water bills, but there are also a few other out-of-the-box solutions you can try. For starters, don’t leave the water running while you wash vegetables, brush your teeth, or clean your razor. It may seem like only a few milliliters are washed away, but in actual fact you can save gallons by just turning off the faucet for those few minutes.

By following these tips, you can keep cool in Coral Springs this summer without spending excess money on expensive water bills.


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