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Quick Fixes For Common Electrical Problems

electrical problems
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Electrical problems in the home can be extremely dangerous if the cause is not understood and the issue is left unattended. Although Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric have an emergency hotline, there are a few quick fixes that you can apply before our electrician arrives to safely and securely fix the electrical problem.

Standard Electrical Precautions

  • Never tamper with live electrical wires
  • Before attempting anything electrical-related, shut off the circuit first
  • Do not stand in water or on a damp floor when dealing with an electrical issue

Common Electrical Problems

Here are a few common electrical problems and how to handle them before the electrician arrives.

  • Regular Electrical Surges

    If your home experiences regular electrical surges, the reason could be due to a number of things. Common causes include lightning strikes and bad electrical wiring. You may also want to check if there has been any damage caused to any power lines, or if there are any faulty appliances being used. If frequent surges continue, they can damage various electrical components of your home. A simple quick fix could be to remove devices of inferior quality from the electrical outlet. If the surges continue – call one of our trusted professional electricians.

    A similar problem is sags and dips in power. This can also be due to a faulty/sub-standard appliance or device that is connected to your electrical system and draws too much power when they are used.

  • Inefficient Light Switches

    If your dimmer switches don’t adjust adequately to the light, it could be due to cheap products or poor workmanship. If you are in a new home, and the switches don’t work, the switches may be replaced or the fixtures removed. Repairing these light switches is a job for a professional electrician.

  • Tripping Circuit Breaker

    The most common reason for a circuit breaker to trip is due to overloading the power board. This can be prevented by avoiding daisy-chaining power boards, unplug any devices and appliances that are not being used, and distribute your electrical appliances around the house (in order not to overload a single circuit). You may also find that your electrical safety system needs an update.

  • Light Bulbs That Regularly Burn Out

    If you find that your light bulbs are burning out too often, there are several reasons that could be the cause. A couple of causes could be abnormally high wattage or bad wiring (either on the circuit or on the mains. If the insulation is within close proximity of the light or there is a faulty connection on the circuit, light bulbs can also go bust. The solution can be complex for a non-professional, contact an electrician if you have any concerns.

  • Power Failure

    A power failure can be due to either your home’s system or due to a utility company outage. The source can be pinpointed by assessing whether your neighbor’s lights are out, or just your home. If the problem lies with your circuit, it could be due to an overloaded circuit, a short circuit, or lose wiring. All these issues can be dangerous. This can potentially be solved simply by pushing the reset button.

    If this does not work, it is important you turn off and unplug everything that is connected to the circuit. You can try to reset the breaker and see if that works or you may have to replace the fuses. If the circuit continues to blow then an old burnt wire or defective device could be causing the problem and may need to be replaced. If the circuit doesn’t blow, then you can turn the lights on again and plug in devices one by one to see which one causes an overload.

It is important to not attempt an electrical repair without qualification. There are certain safety precautions and knowledge needed for a job to be done safely. If ever in any doubt, call an electrician.


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