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Connecting New Light Fixtures To Old Electrical Wiring

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New electrical fixtures can add a modern aesthetic to your home. Lighting advancements also allow for energy-efficient fixtures. Perhaps you’re a tech-head who simply enjoys the innovation around smart lighting. The excitement may disappear when you realize your home has outdated electrical wiring. Here’s how you can connect your new light fixtures to that outdated wiring system.

Update That Old Electrical Wiring

The first thing is to bring any old electrical wiring up to code. U.S. law prohibits the connecting of new light fixtures to any non-compliant wiring. If your home still uses knob-and-tube wiring, you’ll need to update it. Luckily, in most cases, you won’t need to replace your entire wiring system. If you have the budget, it’s best to replace your entire wiring system. Newer wiring minimizes the risk of an electrical fire. It can also lower your monthly insurance. Ultimately, it’s always best to update your entire electrical system.

Adding A New Fixture To A Closed Box

A new electrical box can connect your old wiring to your new fixtures. Electrical boxes are designed to be accessible. You can remove it to test the wiring voltage with a special voltage testing tool. This way you can regulate voltage without damaging the insulation. And, you’ll have the added bonus of never having to touch exposed ends. 

Remember, always adhere to the safety-first principle. Adding a fixture to a closed box may involve cutting into your wall and wiring the new box; and we know that getting one wire wrong can result in a nasty surprise! It’s best to get an experienced electrician to do the job as they will be able to supply and safely install the new electrical box.

Wiring In Your New Light

If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always begin by ensuring that the power is turned off. This cannot be stressed enough. Once you’ve installed the new fixture into the wall, you’ll need to clamp the home wiring into the back of the fixture. This may also require using a grounding wire. The fixture box will then need to be anchored using the metal supports. Once this step is completed, you can connect the light fixture.

Test Before Touch

First things first, you’ll need to turn the power back on. It’s now time to test the voltage of the new wires. It’s always safest to do this before touching the new fitting. You’ll need a voltage tester to test the wires. Be sure to test all the wires and ensure that they are live and functional. 

Next, it’s time to test your new fitting. It is always best to get a reputable electrical contractor to do this job; they will be able to perform all your wiring requirements. With so many dangerous variables in play, it’s simply the safest option to hire an electrician.

The Electrical Wiring Contractors In Coral Springs

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric boasts a licensed team of qualified electricians. They are ready to be of help for all your electrical needs. Whether you need a fitting changed, or a new electrical box installed, we have you covered. For all your electrical needs, give Art a call at 1-800-475-1504. You can also visit the Art Plumbing, Electric & AC Facebook page for regular news, hiring events and updates.


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