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Why Drain Maintenance Is Important

Drain Maintenance
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Your drains go through a lot. Whether you’re taking a shower after gym, cleaning dishes, washing your hands, or cleaning the rest of your home, all the dirt, grease, soap, and cleaning chemicals head down your drain. And while drainage systems are designed to be robust, everything has a breaking point.

Regular drain maintenance is essential if you want to prevent plumbing issues and look after the integrity of your drains. In this article, our experienced team of plumbing experts at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning share the benefits of annual drain cleaning.

Reduces Likelihood Of Clogs And Blockages

Drains experience a buildup of grime, debris, soap, hair, grease, and anything else that you regularly rinse away. If left alone, this buildup can cause slow drainage, cracks in the drain, or clogs.

Some clogs are manageable, and you can remove them with a few pumps of a plunger. Other clogs do not budge–no matter what you throw at them. These are expensive, disruptive, and often gross. Excess buildup can cause your toilet to overflow or your sewer line to burst. Annual drain maintenance services prevent clogs and blockages from forming, keeping your drains clear and functional.

Removes Bad Odors

When debris or mold gets stuck in your drains, bad smells can occur in your home. If the clog is in the wrong spot, it can even trap sewer water which adds to the foul smell. Once that smell is there, it’s difficult to remove without professional assistance. Regular drain and sewer clearing ensure that nasty smells stay where they belong.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Your drains can house a variety of creatures that don’t do your air quality any favors. Bacteria and bugs thrive in dirty drains. When they sit in your drains, it’s easy for them to circulate throughout your home and decrease the indoor air quality.

Increases Your Drain’s Lifespan

Taking care of something properly usually means it lasts longer. Your drains are no different. Regular drain maintenance and cleaning increases the lifespan of your drains by minimizing the amount of damage that accumulates over time.

Annual cleaning also decreases your need for harsh chemical drain cleaners which can damage the integrity of your drains.

Decreases Your Need For Expensive Emergency Repairs

During a drain cleaning service, your plumber will look for signs of corrosion, damage from harsh chemical drain cleaners, and signs of tree roots that could harm your pipes. They can resolve these issues before you have a major blockage or even a burst pipe.

Your plumber can also inspect your sewer line to look for other plumbing issues that may need attention. This means many other plumbing problems can be caught early on, resulting in a less expensive service instead of a major repair in a few months’ time.

Keeps Your Home Clean And Safe

Your drains carry some nasty stuff – bacteria, bugs, sewage, and more. When your drains aren’t looked after regularly, they can become blocked and overflow.

Faulty drainage systems also run the risk of damaging the outside of your home. Blocked drains can create bodies of standing water around your yard, which can result in soil erosion, mold growth, and an increase in mosquitoes. This water can also damage your landscaping and it makes surfaces slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Schedule Your Drain Maintenance Service Today

“Prevention is better than cure” is especially true when it comes to drain maintenance. Annual professional drain cleaning is the best way to look after your home’s plumbing system and keep your pipes clear and functional.

While there are ways to look after your drains yourself, nothing beats a trained plumber’s touch. They can resolve water-flow problems, clean your drains without damaging them, and spot potential issues before they cause trouble. At Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, our plumbers have expert knowledge when it comes to looking after your drainage system.

Whether you’ve got a major clog or are due for preventative drain and sewer maintenance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-833-470-2880. Whatever your problem, Art Can Fix It!


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