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How To Prevent Clogged Drains

Clogged Drains
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A clogged drain can sneak up on you when you least expect it. That shower you were looking forward to quickly becomes less desirable when you’re standing in dirty water. Clogged drains are inconvenient and unhygienic. That’s why it’s best to be proactive and prevent a clogged drain before it happens. Here are some key ways to prevent a clogged drain and save yourself time and money in the process.

Be Careful What You Put Down Your Drain

Your drain can be clogged by various items. Here are the drain-blocking culprits to be on the lookout for.

Coffee Grounds

Surely coffee grounds should be able to go down your drain? Not actually. The issue is that the grinds don’t dissolve in water, instead they clump up to form a blockage. You may not see it in the sink, but the clumping occurs in your pipes. The good news is that coffee grounds have some handy uses apart from being flushed down the sink. Coffee grinds act as good plant compost. They can also be used in your garden as an insect repellent. Finding these and other ways to dispose of your coffee will ensure a clean drain.


Grease is one of the worst substances you can pour down your drain. It can be tempting to do, as we often don’t know how else to dispose of grease. Although it’s in liquid form, it’s still dangerous to pour down your drain. As warm grease begins to cool, it congeals and forms a clog. Before you know it, you’ll have a clogged sink. A good alternative is to have a jar handy to decant grease into. You can then discard the jar in the trash once it’s full.

Hair Hazards

The combination of soap and hair in your drain can lead to a clog. Hair becomes entangled and can require a drain snake to be removed. How can you counteract this? Install a mesh drain screen to catch the loose hair. You will need to clean the mesh occasionally, but it’s a lot easier than a blocked drain.


This one should be a no-brainer. Any cement-like compound that’s poured down your drain will set over time. This is a sure way towards a rock-hard drain clog. If you’re doing any home renovations, be sure to ask your contractor not to use your drains for disposal. Sand can also be a culprit as it settles to form a clog. If you’ve been pouring cement or sand down your drain, you need to call a professional drain cleaning service for a drain inspection.

Food Waste

Be careful to grind up food waste into your garbage disposal unit. Over time, food debris can build up in your pipes. It’s best to get in the habit of placing organic solids such as eggshells and fruit peels onto the compost heap.

Mindless Flushing

Toilet disposal is a tempting way to get rid of different care and hygiene products. Flushing items down toilets can be tempting, but this may cause a serious clog. It may be out of sight, but it could be clogging up your drain. Avoid flushing baby wipes, feminine products, diapers, and even dental floss.

Be Cautious with The Chemicals: Pouring toxic chemicals down your drain is never a good idea. Not only are they a health hazard in your home, but they can also damage your drain pipes. It’s always best to call in a professional plumber to clear your drain.

Other Drain Clog Prevention Tips

These tips may not be as obvious as the ones mentioned above. Keep on reading to keep your drains as clean as a whistle.

Get A Lint Catcher Fitted

Washing machines can cause blocked drains. Material items such as fabric, facial tissues, and lint can pass by your washer’s drain hose. By installing a lint trap on your washer’s drain hose, you’ll be able to catch any unwelcome items. You’ll be able to buy one of these from your local Home Depot store. Alternatively, ask your trusted plumber to fit one for you.

Flush Your Drains With Hot Water

Occasionally running hot water down your drain will help to keep it clean. Hot water helps to break up grease and certain food products. When doing so, make sure you run it for a minute or two to give it a good flush out.

Rely On The Clogged Drain Professionals

If the solution for a clogged drain is to call in the professionals, Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning are the ones to call. Our team of licensed drain cleaning experts know exactly what to do to clear your drain fast. Give us a call at 1-833-470-2880.


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