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Busting Tankless Water Heater Fallacies

tankless water heater
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Tankless water heaters use electricity or natural gases to create a heating element that can heat the water that passes over it; supplying hot water on demand. With their rise in popularity, it seems they have been warming the hearts of consumers that pass by them too. There are many different stories about tankless water heaters but which ones are true? Is this system really as efficient and effective as it claims to be? Let’s see exactly what’s hot – and what’s not – about tankless water heaters by clearing up some common misconceptions.

Fallacy: Tankless Water Heaters Are Expensive

Although a costlier investment initially, tankless water heaters are, in fact, energy efficient and therefore considerably less expensive in the long run. Because a tankless water heater doesn’t require a tank of water to be filled and heated throughout the day, the energy spent on reheating water due to standby energy losses is saved. It only heats the water that’s immediately needed. They are often referred to as on-demand heaters and, as such, supply hot water quickly on demand – saving you time as well as money.

Fallacy: Tankless Water Heaters Can’t Heat Enough Water

This myth often leads directly off the idea that on-demand heating couldn’t possibly supply all the hot water you require. The traditional tank system only heats the exact amount of water that can be contained in the tank – often a process taking well over 30 minutes to complete. Once the water in the tank is finished, more water will fill the tank and, once again, a 30+ minute wait is required before you have access to hot water.

With the tankless water heaters, you have an almost unlimited supply of hot water. The system works by heating the water as it passing over a heating element on its way out the tap and is designed to be able to supply a 4-person household; and therefore, able to cope with the daily heating requirements of a standard family. It is important to consider that although efficient, the tankless water heater might struggle with heavy demands. For example, if the laundry, dishwasher and all showers are operating at the same time, the tankless water heater may not have enough time or energy to sufficiently heat all the water in demand.

Fallacy: Tankless Water Heaters Still Have a Large Carbon Footprint

Not surprisingly, there are those that believe that tankless water heaters still contribute substantially to pollution. The natural gas release or electricity requirement, although present, is not as substantial as the daily heating requirements of traditional tank systems. In fact, they equate to a net decrease in usage of natural resources.

Fallacy: You Can Completely Forget About Them Once They’re Installed

Like all household appliances, maintenance plays a key role in ensuring optimal functioning. They need to be flushed and descaled by a professional regularly to ensure that they are not damaged by lime scale or mineral build up. Although this seems inconvenient, tankless water heaters can last for up to 15 years longer than tank systems.

Once all the added benefits are considered, it is no wonder tankless water heaters have become all the rage. This cost effective, time efficient, environmentally friendly heating system really is the whole package. If you have any questions about tankless water heaters or would like to have one installed, Art Plumbing, AC and Electric would be more than happy to help. Don’t get cold feet; call us today!


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