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Got Zooglea? You Could Be Playing With an AC Disaster

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We have all experienced the joy and happiness of coming home after a long day at work to walk in and, ugh the air conditioning is out. It’s 5:00 pm, the house is 86 degrees and to add insult to injury there is water all over your beautiful hardwood floors. Panic sets in… what happened, what’s going on, and what do I do?

You call Art Plumbing and Air Conditioning of course!! Let’s step back for a second and dig deeper into what happened and what we could do to prevent this type of issue. The typical split system, in the typical South Florida home has an indoor & outdoor component. Inside the indoor piece of equipment, typically called an air handler, we have a series of pipes and fins called an evaporator coil. Freon or refrigerant circulates through the coils from the inside unit to the outside unit. I won’t bore you to death with a long drawn out lesson on how air conditioners work; the main point here is that in the process of cooling your home the evaporator coil produces moisture or condensation. The condensation runs down the coil, into a drain pan, and then drains out of your home if the system is working properly. On a very hot humid summer day, an AC system can produce several gallons of condensation, which is more than enough to do some serious damage to your homes interior if the drain line backs up.

In a properly installed AC system, we have a float or safety switch installed on the drain line to turn your AC unit off in the event the drain line gets backed up. Unfortunately, these types of switches have an extremely high failure rate, which in the event the drain line backs up, you’ve got water problems on your hands.

So, what causes your AC drain line back up in the first place? It’s Zooglea! According to Webster’s, zooglea is a “gelatinous or mucilaginous mass that is characteristic of the growth in fluid media rich in organic material”. It’s just a really fancy way to say algae, sludge, or gooey stuff. As always, the question is what to do? If your drain line has a service port in it you can help by dumping a couple of cups of white vinegar down the drain line every time you change your filter. As an alternative to the vinegar, or other drain line maintenance, we are proud to introduce The Hydroclear 3000!


Art Plumbing and Air Conditioning is very excited to offer this cutting edge technology, which provides for your piece of mind in preventing backups of your AC drain line. The Hydroclear 3000 is like having a service tech come to your home once a day, to flush your air conditioning unit’s drain line. The unit uses the water that your AC is already making to do a power flush of the drain line once a day. It also has an additional safety switch that when activated tells the system to flush and clear a clog.

If you experience a drain line stoppage, call 1-888-TELL-ART or visit to schedule a professional drain cleaning and get your own Hydroclear 3000 installed today!


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