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Water, Water, Everywhere!

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Let’s start off with some very scary words: trihalomethanes, chloramines, barium, chromium, chlorine, copper, lead & nitrates. If you made it through this first sentence you might be wondering where you can find all of these lovely things in one place, right? The answer is your kitchen faucet, or your shower, or the hose in the backyard.

I’m going to guess that you have never seen or read your cities annual water quality report. Once a year every city in Florida sends a copy of what is in the water to your home, the problem is that it looks like every other piece of junk mail and most of you, my faithful readers, toss it out without a second glance. Each city has an obligation to deliver what the government deems as “safe” water to your home. I don’t know about you, however, what I deem safe and what the government deems safe are entirely two different things. Safe water to me should simply be two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, which nature intended it to be.

Now, back to the original part of our program, I can hear you saying right now that you don’t drink tap water – you buy bottled water. News flash! Most bottled water is merely water that has been run through a filtration system to remove the contaminants.

I’m going to bet that you took a shower recently, or at least I hope you have! Here’s your fun fact for the day. When you heat chlorine and some of the other wonderful chemicals named at the beginning of this article, they morph from a liquid to a gas. When you’re in a hot shower, your pores open, and with a ten minute shower you breathe in and absorb as much chlorine and other chemicals as you would if you drank 8 eight-ounce glasses of unfiltered water.

Ok, now what? Well, I suppose you could stop showering although that could get ugly quickly. I have a better alternative. What if you could have bottled water quality out of every tap in your home? Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers a myriad of water treatment solutions for your whole home. Please visit for more information or call us today at 1-888-TELL-ART (835-5278) for your complimentary water quality evaluation. Yes, you can ditch the bottled water, help the environment, and live a cleaner healthier lifestyle all with a whole home water treatment system.


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