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How To Go with The Backflow

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For some jobs around the house, you might feel as though the expert assistance of a licensed plumber would be unnecessary. But most of the time, this help is much-needed. In the long run, it can save you lots of money and prevent further (and even greater) problems. This also applies to keeping on top of your backflow prevention assembly and the testing and certification involved with it.

Don’t turn your back on the backflow
Federal and State law requires that water is kept safe and uncontaminated with the help of functioning backflow systems. Delaying issues such as those to do with plumbing could be a major health and safety hazard for your own and other surrounding homes. Neglecting the annual testing and certification of your backflow prevention assembly can result in big problems, including a big fine.

Time and general wear and tear mean that mechanisms and systems need to be maintained and regularly checked. Something that really cannot be left without the services of a licensed plumber is the backflow prevention assembly on your property. It is important to get it tested and certified correctly and to understand the procedure involved. Finding the right plumber for all of this will ensure that the process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Companies such as Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can carry out the testing and certification of your backflow prevention assembly so that the water in your house is clean and safe.

So how does it work?
Your backflow assembly has to be tested and certified according to regulations both locally and at a state level. The purpose of a functioning backflow prevention assembly is to stop any contaminated water from flowing back into the clean water supply system.

A backflow prevention system contains parts such as valves, seals and moving parts which can experience problems. Faulty assemblies are often caused by abnormal hydraulic conditions, debris and sediments. Inspections of backflow assemblies should occur annually and your backflow prevention assembly needs to be working properly. It is the property owner’s responsibility to be aware of the relevant information about when testing, certification and general maintenance are due to happen. In Florida, backflow tests and certification must be carried out annually by experienced and trained licensed plumbers.

For health and safety reasons, it is best not to try and tackle the maintenance of your backflow preventer yourself. Added to this, you will not be able to re-certify your backflow prevention without a trained plumber. A certified backflow technician must come in for the job. As well as inspecting the prevention assembly itself, the technician will make sure that other factors are up to scratch such as sufficient space between the backflow prevention system and vegetation. If your backflow prevention assembly fails inspection, your certified plumber will be able to assist and get it working properly and safely.

Annual backflow certification and testing will prevent your clean water from being contaminated by waste water. Neglecting your backflow prevention assembly testing and certification can cause serious health and safety issues and carry great costs in the long run. Call a licensed plumber to ensure that your plumbing is going with the (right) flow.


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