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Store Bought Vs Professionally Installed Air Purifier

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While we can’t see it, it’s without a doubt the most important factor that leads to our existence: Air. In our modern-day lives, and especially in South Florida, we rely heavily on air-conditioning to keep us cool from the outside heat, and we rely on air purifiers to keep the cooled air we are breathing clean. When it comes down to it, air purifiers are one of the most important elements of our HVAC systems. The only problem is, there’s plenty of them on the market. Consumers are typically faced with two options when it comes to air purifiers: store bought or professionally installed, but which one is right for you? Let’s find out.

Pros And Cons Of Store Bought Air Purifier

  • Pros
    • You Can Install It Yourself: Many homeowners are self-confessed DIY fanatics who love to do maintenance in their homes themselves and there are more store-bought air purifiers which allow you to attempt to do it on your own.
    • It’s cheaper (initially): Cost is something that often affects many consumers who are looking at air purifier systems for their homes. Store-bought air purifiers can seem cheaper than professionally installed ones – initially. But there are many hidden costs that come with maintaining the system yourself.
  • Cons
    • It can be complicated to install, especially when looking at the whole home air purifier (which you should): Installing an air purifier is no small task and there’s added pressure to make sure you’ve done it correctly. After all, it’s cleaning the air that you and your whole family breathe.
    • You need to make sure you buy the right one for your home: There are two types of air purifiers which you can buy. One is for your entire home, which is complicated to install, and the others are isolated ones that you install in each room.
    • You need to be sure you installed it correctly otherwise your health and safety can be at risk: Air purifiers are meant to do exactly what their name says they will, but if you don’t install it correctly, you could run the risk of not spreading clean air throughout your home which is a health hazard in itself.

Pros and Cons Of A Professionally Installed Air Purifier

  • Pros
    • Experts do the job and they do it properly: Remember: the professionals do this day in and day out. They are experienced and know how to do the job correctly the first time around.
    • They know which air purifiers will work best for your needs: They would have already tested most of what’s on the market and therefore have a great idea of what works and what doesn’t
    • If there is any snag or if something goes wrong, the professionals will fix it : It is on the onus of the company you are using to ensure they do the job correctly. If there are any snags or faults in the installation process, they are compelled to fix it.
    • You are priced for the whole job: Unlike doing the job yourself, a professional air purifier installation company will quote you for the entire job, eliminating the chance of hidden costs cropping up.
  • Cons
    • It can seem costlier than installing yourself (initially): The quote can seem steep for some consumers in the beginning, but what you shouldn’t forget is that you’re getting quoted for the whole package.


While most DIY-ers and homeowners may want to tackle air purifying systems themselves, when dealing with something as important as the cleanliness of the air you’re breathing, it’s evident that professionally-installed air purifiers guarantee a job well done, one that is cheaper in the long-run, and one that ensures if there are any faults, they will be repaired by the professional. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric offers an array of services relating to air purifiers, installing them, and keeping them well maintained. Contact Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric today for your air purifying needs.


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