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Electrical Outage Survival Tips

electrical outage
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We are well into the throws of the even warmer months and thunderstorm season is upon us. This brings with it the dreaded threat of electrical outages. As much as we are aware that storms will happen, power outages cannot be fully anticipated. It is also unpleasant not knowing for how long you might be in the dark. In light of this (pun intended) we can do our best to find as many ways to make sure our homes are prepared for the sudden onset, so as to ease the discomfort.

There are so many home comforts that we don’t have access to during an electrical outage. This list will attempt to provide suggestions to replace or cushion as many of these suffering areas as possible.

A Handy Checklist to Counter Electrical Outages

  • Batteries

    Batteries in all sizes can cater to some of our needs during an outage. From being readily available for flashlights to some radios, toys, other forms of lights, and portable fans. Some comfort and entertainment needs can be met. Making sure that your stock is in order regularly means not being additionally frustrated in the event of an outage.

  • Chargeable Devices

    Laptops being fully charged can prevent some working hours being lost to an outage. If not for work, then it can be used as a distraction in other ways. If you are the kind of household that has camping equipment, such as lights, that need charging, these would go on the list. Charge phones and other electronics when you are home during thunderstorm seasons.

  • Worthwhile Investments

    A few things may have been mentioned in the lists above that might have spurred ideas for useful things to have on hand. Camping lights that can be charged are a good back up, even if you are not the camping type. There are portable USB device chargers that can charge a number of devices from phones to tablets, and anything else that has a USB port – music can still be a reality, and you don’t have to face the risk of social isolation if your phone dies. This will also prevent constant charging of devices just in case: one device that you need to keep charged that will give life to many other devices.

  • Gas Up

    Any gas powered equipment can make life void of electricity a little more tolerable. Ensure that canisters are full and accessible – you don’t want to be hauling them out of the recesses of cluttered space, all the while killing the batteries in the flashlight. This is a handy way to make sure you won’t be travelling far and wide, scavenging for food.

  • Candles

    Candles, if handled safely, can create ambiance for different kinds of activities. Enjoying the different lighting might make it easier to spend the time away from your normal routine. It could be the perfect backdrop to a night in, huddled around with friends or family, enjoying the face to face exposure.

Ideas to Spend the Hours

  • Dust Off the Board Games

    If the outage lasts long enough to discharge the batteries in all charged devices, finding your way back to some old school entertainment might be fun. Many old school activities don’t even require actual game pieces – there are games that can be played using your words and/or bodies, like charades. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to have a list of a few possible activities that you have researched and filed away for a (very) rainy day. For the braver ones among us, there are also ghost stories to be told.

  • Don’t Hibernate

    If weather and time of day allows, venture out the house. Get back to nature. At least you won’t be constantly reminded about the futility of powerless electrical outlets all around you. If outdoor activities are not an option, many places have generators so as to continue business as usual. This might be a good opportunity to research what your area offers in this regard.

  • Something Unusual

    There could be a project that normal days, full of electricity, seem to lessen the appeal of. If they can be performed without electricity, then use the time that is restricting your normal behavior to finish off these projects.

Time without electricity need not be completely frustrating and limiting. The best trick is to be as prepared as possible. Have lists that you check regularly, and research ideas to have on hand so that the unexpected loss of normal functioning doesn’t leave you feeling lost. It might also help to check the weather forecast often.


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