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Clearing Obstructions With Sewer Jetting

Sewer Jetting
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When your pipes are getting clogged, and everything is draining slowly, you should call a plumber for a sewer cleaning. Don’t wait for your plumbing system to back up and cause a mess. The average home should get its pipes cleaned every 18 to 24 months. Sewer jetting is a safe and efficient way to clean your pipes and clear blockages. When was the last time you called your plumber?

What Is Sewer Jetting?

When you need your regular sewer cleaning, your plumber will come and inspect your pipes. They will determine what size and length of hose they require to clean your pipes. Your plumber will also need to figure out how bad the clog is and where they can locate the clog.

All of the different factors will determine how strong the water pressure should be and how much water they should use. After your plumber does this calculation, they will begin the process of sewer jetting. Essentially, water is forced through your pipes to clear everything obstructing it. The water pushes the debris and grime into your main sewer system.

The nozzles used on the hose are specially made for jetting. There are other ways to clean your sewer’s pipes, but jetting is by far the safest and easiest way to get the job done. Safe and easy are the best adjectives when it comes to cleaning your sewer.

What Can Cause Obstructions?

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to what could be blocking your pipes. Some of the most common things to go down our drains are also what can cause these blockages. Grease, food debris, hair, and other foreign objects like sanitary items and baby wipes can cause significant clogs in your sewer. Anything other than water and waste can cause a clog to form.

Clogs can also come from any debris entering your sewer by illegal or improper piping. Pipes that enter your sewer system from anywhere other than your home are illegal and can bring in soil and leaves that will damage your pipes.

Tree roots can have a detrimental impact on your sewer lines. Nature will take down anything in its path so it can grow, and that includes your pipes. Roots can begin to grow into the pipe, causing cracks until the line eventually falls apart.

Tree roots or a deteriorating pipeline can cause a complete pipe collapse. Nothing lasts forever, and your pipes are no exception. No matter what your pipes are made of, they will eventually age and begin the deterioration process. When this occurs, it’s important to have your pipes replaced to avoid a collapse.

Signs You Need Your Sewer Cleaned

The signs that you need to clean your sewer are similar to the symptoms of a clogged drain. Strange gurgling noises and an overflowing toilet are huge signs that you have a plumbing problem. Water backing up in other drains when you flush your toilet is also a sign of a blockage.

Be aware, when your drains begin to get clogged, water will start to drain very slowly. This is not something to ignore because the clog will eventually get worse and cause an even bigger plumbing issue.

Foul smells coming from your drains and plumbing system can also be a sign that you need to clean your sewer. Something is sticking to the walls of your drains that is creating that odor and a clog. Bad smells coming from your drains are not usual. If it stinks around you pipes, it’s time to call a plumber.

Sewer Jetting In South Florida

When you need your sewer cleaned, Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning can help. Our knowledgeable plumbers are ready and willing to help you keep your sewer system spotless by sewer jetting away any unwanted grime. Give us a call today at 1-888-773-1524 to schedule an appointment.

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