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How Sewer Camera Inspections Can Find The Culprit of Your Slow Drain

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Isn’t it frustrating when you take a shower and the water pools around your feet? Or when you brush your teeth, and the dirty water won’t drain away? It is even worse when a slow drain is also accompanied by a bad smell. Most people don’t normally give the plumbing in their home a second thought, especially if it’s not giving any problems, but a slow drain could be a symptom of a much larger problem and should never be ignored.

Why Is Your Drain Draining Slowly?

There are many causes of a slow drain. A professional plumber will be able to determine the cause and resolve it much quicker than the “Do It Yourself” enthusiast. 

Some commons reasons for slow drains are:

A Minor Clog

Hair, dirt, food, and soap scum are usually the first culprits that clog a drain.

Removing visible hair from the drain after a bath or shower, and making sure that you do not throw any food down a drain, goes a long way towards avoiding drain problems, but calling a professional to maintain and clean your drains at regular intervals is the best solution.

Blocked P-Trap

The p-trap (the u-shaped trap under the sink and toilets) holds a little bit of water and is designed to prevent smells and sewer gases from entering your home.

The p-trap gets clogged easily if you pour grease down the drain or foreign objects in the toilet. A blocked p-trap will result in water draining slowly and eventually, not draining at all.

Toys Or Objects Stuck In The Drain

A common cause of slow drains is stuck toys or foreign objects like jewelry. A professional plumber, using the correct equipment, will be able to trace the blockage and retrieve the object, allowing the drain to drain freely again.

A Blocked Vent Pipe

Vent pipes are found outside buildings. Their function is to allow fresh air to flow through the pipes, remove gases and equalize the pressure within the pipes. If the vent pipe is not checked and cleared regularly, it gets clogged by leaves or branches, which could result in a slow drain.

Invasive Tree Roots

One of the dangers of a small crack or leak in underground pipes is that they attract tree roots. Tree roots seek water and nutrition, are drawn to the leaking pipes, and eventually, invade the pipe blocking it completely. A blocked pipe, even if it is far from the building, will eventually manifest as a slow drain.

Old Or Damaged Plumbing

Old plumbing that has not been maintained, or pipes that are damaged by rust, corrosion, or chemical cleaners, will start draining slowly and eventually, block completely.

Why Should You Seek Professional Help For A Slow Drain?

A slow drain is a symptom of a potentially much larger problem, so you should always consult a professional plumber to investigate the cause of a slow drain. Reasons you need to have a slow drain investigated are:

  • Slow or blocked drains smell bad. The smell is caused by whatever is blocking the drain and could be things like dirt, rotting food, or mold and mildew.

  • When drains are slow, water often pools and stagnates around the sink, shower, or tub. The area in the drain is warm and dark, and a perfect breeding area for mold and mildew. The presence of mold and mildew poses a serious health hazard and cannot be ignored.

  • The build-up of soap scum and food remains that don’t drain properly often stains the sink and is difficult to clean.

  • Even with a busy lifestyle, you will have the daily frustration of using the shower, tub or sink and wondering if the water will drain properly.

Determine The Cause Of A Slow Drain With A Sewer Camera

It is never a good idea to attempt any work on plumbing pipes without expert plumbing knowledge or the correct equipment. A professional plumber will have all the necessary tools to determine the cause of a slow drain without causing further damage to the pipes or your property. One of the things they may need to do is a sewer camera inspection.

A sewer camera is a high-resolution camera that is attached to the end of a flexible rod. The rod can fit through even the tiniest pipes and get around bends and corners. This sewer camera enables the plumber to visualize the condition of the pipes, even if they are underground, and to accurately determine the reason for the slow drain.

What Are The Advantages Of A Sewer Camera Inspection For A Slow Drain?

A professional plumber has a lot of other specialized equipment, but there are many advantages to using a sewer camera:

  • The guesswork is eliminated because they will be able to accurately see what is causing the problem and exactly where the problem lies.

  • It is cost-effective because the problem can be found quickly, even if the pipe is underground. Without a sewer camera, the plumber may need to dig extensively to find the problem, which is time-consuming and causes further damage to the property, all adding to the cost.

  • The homeowner will be able to see the condition of the pipes and the cause of the slow drain for themselves.

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