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Never Forget

Never Forget
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September 11, 2001 – I was standing in my office in Coconut Creek and my wife called to tell me she just heard on the news that a small plane has crashed into the World Trade center. Like everyone, at first I was thinking what kind of freak accident is this and we scrambled to get a TV hooked up and working. As the rest of the country did, I watched in horror as the events of that fateful day unfolded.

I watched policemen and fire fighters run towards the buildings as all others were running away, my heart dropped and the grieving process began. I was deep in denial to think that our great country had been attacked. Then the anger set in, I was beyond anger. How could these terrorists attack us on our own soil? As the time passed, I watched as a transition began.

The country came together like I had never seen before, American flags everywhere, everyone had compassion towards everyone else, and our country was of one mind. While the attacks were devastating, what ensued after was amazing, I was never so proud to be an American.

Fast forward and here we are in 2015. Who has forgotten? I’m on my soapbox here, however, I think in light of many of the events going on in the world today, many people out there have forgotten what happened to us a mere fourteen years ago. Today, I would like you to take a moment and remember the events of that day not so long ago.

Put a flag up, walk up to a cop and thank him/her for what they do, buy lunch for your local fire department, just do something take a moment to remember the feelings of that day, and most of all remember how our country came together as one. Never forget.

House Whisperer out


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