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Ask Art: How Do I Find A Water Leak Inside My Wall?

water leak inside my wall
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Water leaks inside your wall are a significant issue, but they can be challenging to detect. Even in new homes, water leaks can occur and lead to extensive damage and expensive repairs. Due to Florida’s long hurricane season and unpredictable weather, water leaks are pretty common. If you find yourself asking, “How do I find a water leak inside my wall?” Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric is here to help!

Here, our expert plumbers in South Florida explain how to find a leak and why you should always hire professionals.

Signs Of a Water Leak Inside Your Wall

Water leaks inside your wall aren’t just dangerous to your home and property; they can also pose a significant health risk! If you suspect a water leak, you should always hire a professional plumber to assess the issue.

Some signs that can indicate a plumbing leak inside your wall include:

  • Musty Odor

    One of the most tell-tale signs of a water leak is a musty smell inside your home.

    Many liken the smell to wet cardboard. Often, you will notice a musty odor before you see other signs of a leak inside your wall. The smell is caused by the flooring and sheetrock staying damp from the leak. If you notice a musty odor in your home, call a professional plumber to determine the problem and figure out a remedy.

  • Peeling Paint

    One sign of a leak in your wall is if your wallpaper or paint begins to look bubbled. If you notice your paint or drywall start to crumble or wallpaper becomes separated at the seams, it could indicate that water has encountered the drywall or sheetrock.

    Other signs of a water leak include discolored patches on your walls or ceilings and rotting wood. If you notice your walls look like they’ve been exposed to water damage, contact a plumber to take a more in-depth look.

  • Wet Patches on The Wall

    Another common indicator that you may have a water leak inside your wall is the appearance of wet spots. Due to stone, stucco, and concrete having a low absorption rate, water will start to gather. As the water puddles, it may begin to seep through your walls, often making them look like they are sweating.

    If you notice wet patches, call a professional immediately to prevent further damage.

  • Other Signs of A Water Leak

    While those are some of the most common signs of a water leak inside your wall, other indications include:

    • Dripping sounds in your wall
    • Formation of mold or mildew
    • Hikes in your water bill
    • Wet or stained carpet or floors

How Do I Fix Water Leaks Inside My Wall?

While there are several ways to self-detect water leaks inside your wall, it’s critical to always trust professional plumbers with experience, like those at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, for repairs.

The Repair Process

Finding the exact location of the leak and performing the plumbing repairs is no easy task, especially if you have no experience.

After contacting your plumber, they will first determine the precise location of the leak and assess the amount of damage it has done. If the water leak in your wall is minor, it’s possible that it can be fixed with a patch. For more significant water leaks, it could require complete replacement of the impacted pipes.

In extreme cases, an entirely new pipe system may be the best option, especially if the system is old or weak. Depending on the amount of water damage to the existing structure, you may have to get in touch with other professionals like a residential contractor to repair areas experiencing rot or mold. In any case, repairing leaks inside your wall is never a DIY job.

Finding Plumbers in South Florida

Any trusted plumber can repair leaks inside walls, but at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, our standards are high, and we know yours are too. Since 1983, our expert plumbing professionals have gone above and beyond to satisfy their customers. From diagnosing the cause and extent of the water leak to making quick and professional repairs, Art Can Fix It!

If you think you may have a leak inside your wall, call us at 1-800-475-1504 or schedule your plumbing service online today!


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