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Indoor Air Quality: Why Is My Home So Dusty?

Indoor Air Quality
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Nobody wants to deal with a home that’s constantly dusty. It’s irritating to clean it up, only for it to become dirty within what feels like minutes. The problem is that dusty air affects your overall indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a reduced quality of life and exposure can trigger allergy flare-ups or other respiratory-related health concerns.

The Build-Up To A Dusty Home

There are a variety of factors that can lead to a dust-covered home, some are easily resolved but others may need professional help to sort out.

  • Age

    An increase in dust can depend on how old your home is.

    If your home is well past its prime years, there’s a good chance there’s a leak or tiny holes somewhere that’s letting outside air in, and by extension, dust. Sometimes your window seals have deteriorated to a point that more dust is able to enter your home, but it hasn’t deteriorated enough for you to notice it. To prevent more dust and debris from coming in through the windows, it’s best you hire a professional to reseal all your household window frames.

  • Ductwork 101

    You will need the help of a licensed professional from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric to take a look at your ductwork.

    If there are any leaks within the ductwork system, it causes the air from outside to come into your home which creates more dust. Remember that dealing with your air conditioning ductwork system is not a DIY type of job, you will need to get professional help to clean, repair, or even replace your ducts.

  • Filters For All

    Keep in mind that your air conditioner is not there to act like a total filter against outdoor pollutants. The built-in filter simply ensures that the air conditioner itself is kept clean so that more pollutants and debris don’t enter your home. With the help of a professional from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, you can have an air filtration system installed in your home. These systems ensure that the air inside your home is clean and has the added bonus of reducing the number of allergy flare-ups you’ll experience within your home.

Testing… Testing…

Aside from an increase in the dust, a good way to test the indoor air quality of your home is to have an air infiltration test done. This tests for any air that enters your home from the outside. It’s done to find cracks or leaks that allow unfiltered outdoor air into your home. It also serves a purpose to test how effective your household air duct system is.

Remember that if your home has a high level of air infiltration, your air conditioning unit will keep running for a longer time period in order to make up for the lost cool air that seeps out of your home. This will have an impact on your monthly utility bill which is why you should have an air infiltration test done by the professionals at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric. You’ll be able to find out just how much cool air you’re letting out and how much warm air and dust you’re letting in.

Almost Completely Dust-Free Living

While it’s impossible to completely eradicate all dust in your home permanently, as some comes in whenever your doors or windows are opened. You can strive towards a life with good indoor air quality and less dust by trusting the expert team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric. We’ll advise you on the best sealing and insulation methods suited to your specific needs and budget to help you keep your home almost completely dust-free. Call us today at 1-800-475-1504 to find out how to improve your home’s indoor air quality.


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