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Air Conditioning Maintenance: Is It Worth It?

Air Conditioning Maintenance
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Servicing your AC unit can be costly, and at times it doesn’t seem like an expense worth prioritizing, especially when there are so many other household expenses which keep adding up. Many homeowners skip routine air conditioning maintenance because it’s a cost which is easy to cut – until things go wrong, that is.

Why is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

Your AC unit is your lifeline during summer. Without it, breathing, let alone feeling comfortable in your own home, is difficult. Your AC unit also plays an important role in cleaning the air in your home and reducing dust through its filtering function. There’s no doubt then, that your AC unit is one of the most valuable appliances in your home – if not the most valuable. But AC unit maintenance isn’t just important because of the frustration of experiencing a unit breakdown in the peak of summer when you most need it. It’s important because it can make a significant difference to the longevity of your AC unit, and may increase its lifespan by a number of years, saving you money and numerous repair jobs. Having a new AC unit installed is an expensive enterprise, so why not save yourself money and hassle by booking a tune-up twice a year? You also want to ensure that your AC unit is functioning optimally and isn’t contributing to the unnecessary consumption of energy. AC units which are not properly maintained tend to be less efficient, use more energy, are harmful for the environment, and will result in higher energy bills. Lastly, an AC unit technician may be able to detect a potential problem on the horizon and ensure that it is fixed before it becomes serious, which is something which most homeowners are unable to do themselves.

What is AC Unit Maintenance All About?

It’s only when homeowners come to understand the intricacies of AC unit functioning that they fully recognize the importance of AC unit maintenance. Your AC unit is a carefully calibrated system, and just one imbalance or irregularity could throw its performance out. Coils, filters, condensation lines and refrigerant levels all form part of a delicate system which needs to be fine-tuned every now and again. Let’s take a look at the type of maintenance which each one of these units require in order to keep them in tip-top shape:

  • Filters

    Your filters need to be cleaned and changed regularly. They work very hard, filtering out thousands of dust and debris particles each day, and if they are not properly looked after, your whole AC unit will suffer. Although you can change your AC filter yourself, you may not know when a filter simply needs to be cleaned and reused, or whether it needs to be replaced. For this reason, it’s best to let the professionals handle your filter changes along with the other aspects of AC unit maintenance.

  • Coils

    Your unit’s evaporator coils also need to be cleaned regularly. Small dust particles and dirt will build up on the coil over time, and this will reduce your AC unit’s capacity to regulate your home’s temperature effectively. Once again, while you can clean coils yourself, they are found within the unit housing and are difficult to clean effectively.

  • Refrigerant Levels

    An AC technician will be able to check the refrigerant levels of your unit, and ensure that no refrigerant is leaking (this is important as refrigerant is toxic). They will also ensure that any refrigerant which is replaced is correctly collected and disposed of.

  • Condensation Lines

    Your AC unit’s condensation drains need to be cleared and unblocked regularly to ensure smooth draining of excess condensation.

  • Thermostat and Relay Switches

    The electrical components of your AC unit need to be properly maintained, too. A technician will be able to check that your unit’s relay switches are not looking too worn, that the thermostat’s readings are accurate, and that the batteries are not in need of changing.

Trust the Professionals with Your AC Unit Maintenance

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric perform AC tune-ups for Floridian homeowners daily. Our friendly, reliable and professional technicians will give your AC unit a precise tune-up and comprehensive diagnosis to ensure that it is performing at its optimum. Give us a call today at 1-800-475-1504 and give your AC unit the maintenance it deserves!


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