Why You Should Have An Electrician Install Your Security Cameras
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Should I Hire An Electrician To Install My Security Cameras?

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In today’s evolving and fast-paced world, security has become a primary concern for most of us. For your security system to function optimally, and for warranties to remain valid, it’s imperative that only qualified, licensed, and insured electricians install, maintain, and repair your security cameras.

Why Are Security Cameras Necessary?

Security cameras offer a wide range of benefits and features, that contribute to safety and security. Some benefits of installing security cameras include:

  • Surveillance and monitoring of your property in real-time
  • The presence of security cameras is a crime deterrent
  • Evidence collection in the event of any criminal activity
  • Most systems can be activated and monitored remotely
  • Motion detection features that activate the system to record when motion is detected
  • Systems with night vision are equipped to capture clear footage even in low-light conditions
  • Integration with other security systems like alarms, access control systems, and outdoor security lighting systems

Why Only Electricians Should Install Security Cameras

There are numerous reasons why only electricians, with their specialized knowledge, should install your security cameras. Some of these reasons include:

  • Security cameras have evolved
  • Compliance with safety standards
  • System optimization
  • System maintenance and repairs
  • Warranty and Insurance
  • Reduce the possibility of being scammed

Security Systems Have Evolved

Security systems are a lot more complex in nature than they were a few years ago. When it comes to the installation of security cameras today, the electrician’s expertise and knowledge of the surveillance systems and electrical wiring involved are irreplaceable.

Compliance With Safety Standards

Security camera systems need to be integrated into an existing electrical circuit. If you are unfamiliar with the electrical system, you may overload the circuit and not have the knowledge to ground the wires safely. Qualified electricians are familiar with the Florida Building Code electrical codes and regulations that must be followed to ensure safe and efficient installations.

System Optimization

Security camera installation requires careful planning. Electricians have the knowledge and expertise to:

  • Identify blind spots
  • Identify vulnerable areas
  • Accurately determine the high-traffic areas

With that knowledge, as well as an intricate knowledge of the electrical circuit, electricians can advise on an appropriate security system and optimal camera placement. Having the necessary information about the electrical circuit will ensure seamless operation and system compatibility.

System Maintenance And Repairs

For any security system to function optimally, ongoing maintenance and repairs are vital. Electricians are trained to troubleshoot effectively, diagnose problems quickly and repair any issues without delay. Unlike amateurs, electricians are also trained to work with delicate wiring and fragile lenses carefully, so it’s unlikely that you will incur extra replacement costs.

Warranty And Insurance

For the security system warranty to be valid, manufacturers usually have the following specifications:

  • The system must be installed by a qualified electrician
  • The system must adhere to a maintenance schedule and only be maintained by a qualified electrician

Professional electricians usually also provide a warranty on their workmanship, giving their clients added protection and peace of mind.

Insurance companies also often insist, that for any claims to be honored, the system has to be installed, repaired, and maintained by professional electricians. By relying on qualified electricians, clients are satisfying both warranty and insurance requirements.

Reduce The Possibility Of Being Scammed

By hiring professional electricians to install your security cameras, you are reducing the possibility of being scammed. Amateurs promise the world, but seldom deliver, leaving you with a substandard system, and extra unexpected costs.

Criminals are also known to pose as “security system experts” who install substandard equipment and use their access to your property to plan a break-in at a later stage.

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