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Safe Electrical Demolition And Circuit Removal

circuit removal
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Electrical jobs around the house can be complex and dangerous. Circuit removal and electrical demolition are no different. Professional assistance from a licensed electrician will ensure that the work gets done safely leaving you with peace of mind.

Why Would You Do a Circuit Removal or Demolition?

Renovating or improving home and office spaces are situations which often arise. You may want to change your living room and kitchen arrangement into an open-plan space. This would just affect one or two walls in your home. Or, you may need an entire commercial space altered. Electrical demolition on a commercial scale is particularly common. These are big projects which can involve the electrical demolition of malls, warehouses, factories, multi-tenanted buildings, schools etc. In this case, trained professionals will be hired to focus first and foremost on the logistics around electrical demolition.

Any other demolition or construction work cannot be carried out until factors such as live wires have been safely removed from the site. Destroying old buildings to make way for new ones, or doing smaller renovating work, is a dangerous process. Demolition is not just about knocking down a few walls. Complex electrical work such as circuit removals and demolitions need to be professionally managed.

Any type of scenario, no matter how big or small, would require professional electrical services. With this type of work, you are dealing with live wires and complex electrical systems. Whatever electrical work you need, our licensed electricians at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric will get the job done safely and efficiently.

Electrical demolition is also commonly required if you have damaged or outdated electrical equipment. This procedure includes removing the existing work so that new electrical features can be installed. It can be as complicated a task as it is to install new work and can involve handling live wires and other potentially fatal electrical components. Complete demolition requires you to start again with the electrical systems. Electrical demolition can also involve removing wires where the conduit is left to be reused (partial demolition).

How is Circuit Removal or Electrical Demolition Made Safe?

Live wires are usually involved when removing these systems. It is not only installing electrical features or work that is difficult. The removal is similarly complicated and risk-fuelled. Once everything has been demolished, the electrical materials must be disposed of properly and safely. Electrical equipment on any scale needs to be professionally removed. No project is too big or too small for our licensed electricians. Whatever the scale of demolition, you will need a qualified electrician to inspect the space and get the job done safely. An electrician will also be knowledgeable on all building and electrical rules and regulations in your area and can also assist in the permit processes.

What About a Permit?

As with most jobs involving electrics and buildings, you’ll need a permit to carry out this type of extensive electrical work. Repair, alteration or construction work for residential or commercial properties generally requires you to pay a building permit fee. Permits can be required for anything ranging from new kitchen cabinets to building on an extra bedroom. Applying for a permit is a tedious task that is best left to your contractor. They will be familiar with the process and with the specific laws and building codes in your area. Having a professional to handle all the paperwork will make your life so much easier.

As you now know, removing an electrical circuit is a complicated project. Your home remodelling project can become a whole lot bigger than you expected. In any instance, disconnecting and removing wires is certainly not your average DIY job. We deal with high voltage live wires which need to be disconnected and/or re-wired. For your own safety, and the safety of the building, demolition, and circuit removal must be left to the pros.


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