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Do You Need An Electrician For An Electric Vehicle Charging Installation?

Electric Vehicle Charging Installation
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Electric vehicles, once considered a luxury, are quickly becoming the new normal. In 2018, there were over one million electric cars on the roads in the USA alone. Fast forward to December 2021, where the latest count was 2.32 million users of hybrid and electric cars, amounting to 11% of all light-duty vehicles in the USA.

Electric cars have many advantages, including the environmental benefit of a reduced carbon footprint. The main disadvantage of electric cars is that the battery needs specialized electric vehicle charging stations that only a qualified and licensed electrician can install.

Why Electricians Should Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We use electricity daily, but often forget how complex and dangerous it really is. It’s for that reason that all electrical issues should only be attended to by a qualified electrician. Any electrical installations, especially complex systems like electric vehicle charging stations, are not the place for a “Do It Yourself” enthusiast to display their “skills.” Some of the reasons that only a qualified electrician should install these charging stations include:


The electrical circuit is complex and potentially dangerous when tampered with. An amateur will not fully understand the complexity of the electrical circuit and may install the outlet incorrectly. Amateurs who tamper with an electrical circuit potentially expose themselves, their families, and even their neighbors to electrical fires or electrocution.

A qualified electrician will have knowledge, expertise, and all the safety gear and tools needed to install the charging station without injuring themselves or others.

Correct Assessment Of Location

A qualified electrician will have the knowledge and expertise to advise on the best location for the vehicle charging outlet installation. They try to meet the customer’s individual needs while taking into account:

  • The distance from the main circuit panel and the necessary cabling.
  • The safety of the outlet. Although the outlet is water and weather resistant, an electrician will need to ensure the outlet is installed in a safe area where it cannot be damaged or tampered with.

Complying To The Florida Building Code

All electrical installations need to comply with the Florida Building Code. Amateurs not familiar with the code may install the outlet incorrectly and run the risk of

  • Damaging the whole electrical circuit.
  • Nullifying the household insurance in the event of an electrical mishap/fire.
  • Nullifying the vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Financial Efficiency

The money you save by not hiring an electrician will be forgotten when you have to pay for the costly consequences of a faulty electric vehicle outlet installation. An electrical expert will also have the correct tools and equipment needed to install the outlet in a fraction of the time that it would take an amateur.

Questions To Ask The Electrician Installing Your Charging Outlet

Electricians are familiar with the electrical circuit and all its components, but not all electricians specialize in electric vehicle charging installations. Before hiring an electrician to install your electric vehicle outlet, you need to ask the following questions:

  • Are they qualified, licensed, and insured in the state of Florida?
  • Do they have knowledge and experience installing electrical vehicle charges? Ask them for client references or look for client reviews on their website.
  • Are they familiar with the manufacturer’s recommendations and the Florida Building Code?
  • Will they provide end-to-end service on the usage and maintenance of the electric vehicle charging unit?

Electric Vehicle Charging Installation In South Florida

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric is a qualified and licensed electric company that has been trusted by the residents of South Florida since 1983. Needing an expert to advise and install your electric vehicle charging station? Look no further, we are here for you.


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