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What Happens If You Ignore The Need For AC Repair?

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Have you ever seen the meme about how some people will ignore strange sounds coming from their vehicles by cranking the volume up on the stereo? Well, when it comes to your home’s AC unit, you can’t just turn up the music to eliminate strange noises and mechanical problems. No, that is sure to leave you hot under the collar—for more reasons than one! If your air conditioning is acting up, call about an AC repair.

Everyone who lives here know that the key to surviving life and summers in South Florida is a fully functional air conditioning system. AC systems can be lifesavers throughout the year but ignoring the need for repairs will lead to more costly replacements. And, as we alluded to above, there are consequences to ignoring a needed AC repair and even preventative maintenance.

How Can Ignoring AC Repairs Harm My Air Conditioning System?

Any properly functioning machine is routinely serviced, even if there are no “funny” noises heard. Not surprisingly, your AC is no different! Just because you don’t hear strange sounds (or smell musty odors) coming from your air ducts, doesn’t mean regular preventative HVAC maintenance isn’t needed.

For example, ignoring a minor issue such as an air filter replacement could lead to a total breakdown of your unit. Resolving minor repair issues will ensure that your AC doesn’t completely break down. Keep in mind that replacing your home’s air conditioning system will be more expensive than keeping up on annual maintenance.

What Issues Can Regular AC Repair or Maintenance Prevent? 

Regular repair or maintenance done by professionals can ensure that your AC system doesn’t malfunction when you need it the most. With regularly performed maintenance you can be proactive and things that could potentially lead to total malfunctions or breakdowns are resolved before they happen. You are also ensuring that your unit runs efficiently and without risk to you, your home, and your home’s inhabitants. 

Can Ignoring AC Repairs Lead To Safety Issues? 

Unsurprisingly, ignoring necessary HVAC repairs can cause harm to you or your home. Depending on the issue, as well as the severity of the problem, you or your household could be at risk.

For example, if your refrigerant level is lower than it’s meant to be, there’s a chance you may have a leak. This means that you could be exposing your household to refrigerant poisoning which can be deadly. 

If your unit is constantly shorting, there could be an issue with the wiring. Faulty wires can lead to electrical fires. Regular preventative maintenance will ensure that all minor issues are found and resolved as soon as possible. The longer you leave your unit in a state of disrepair, it stands to reason that you’re putting your family’s safety more at risk. 

Why Does Ignoring AC Repairs Lead To Inefficiency? 

Every machine will eventually become inefficient, but you accelerate the process if you’re not properly maintaining your air conditioning system. An inefficient HAVC system can lead to constant breakdowns and an increase in utility bills. Most importantly, it can stop working long before it’s intended lifespan. This means that even if your AC is brand new with an expected lifespan of 10 to 15 years, you could get less than 10 years’ worth of use before it will need to be replaced.

An inefficient AC system is nothing but a money drain. It’s important to consult with reliable HVAC service technicians like the team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric. Especially regarding regular annual preventative maintenance plans to keep your home’s air conditioning system in fully working condition, year-round!

AC Repair In Coral Springs

Remember: The more you neglect any form of AC maintenance and repair, the more it’ll cost you. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your air conditioning system. If your AC isn’t operating like it should be, call 1-800-475-1504 to speak with South Florida’s best HVAC service technicians. Oh, and don’t forget to ask about our preventative maintenance plans!

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