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Why Is Fixing Underground Pipes A Specialized Job?

fix underground pipes
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Underground plumbing work requires a specialized skill set. This is because there are several factors to consider when working underground. These include the necessary insurance, pipe bonding concerns, and tree roots. Underground pipework requires a methodical approach done by a team of experienced plumbers. Here’s why you should call your trusted plumber for any underground piping work.

Underground Piping Is Different From Regular Piping

Beneath our feet lies a series of interconnected pipes and sewer networks. Underground pipes and sewers run from your home to wastewater treatment systems. These systems remove our waste materials daily. Regular plumbing is different because it’s more accessible around your home. There’s no need to dig up areas of ground to locate a hidden pipe. There are also no building foundation concerns to account for. Regular plumbing is a much faster repair process than underground work.

Underground Pipes Also Get Damaged

Just because underground pipes are hidden from sight doesn’t mean they’re not prone to damage. Certain waste materials contain corrosive chemicals which break down metal pipes. Tree roots are common culprits too. A tree root has the power to crack a sewer line. The biggest challenge when it comes to fixing underground pipes is to locate the problem area. This requires specialty tools to help pinpoint the damaged area. HD pipe inspection cameras are often utilized to find the problem. In many instances, a partial excavation is required to be able to access the pipe or sewer structure.

Temporary Underground Pipe Repairs

If you have a serious underground water leak, a temporary repair measure may be put in place – these aren’t designed to be long-term fixes. Temporary fixes include:

  • Epoxy Compounds
  • Rubber Connectors
  • Pipe Wraps
  • Pipe Clamps

Your plumber will assess whether any temporary repair measures need to be used or not.

Permanent Underground Pipe Repairs

Permanent pipe repairs are best performed by a licensed plumbing contractor. This is because these repairs require specialized materials and experienced workmanship. Permanent repairs include:

Ductile Iron Piping

Ductile pipes are necessary for service lines larger than 2”. They are approved for both sewer and water lines, which makes them a widely used material. They are particularly useful for unstable ground conditions.

Cast Iron Sewer Piping

In many US metros, cast iron sewer pipes are still regarded as the material of choice. These extra heavy cast iron pipes are code-compliant and often used for domestic repairs

K Copper Water Tubing

K copper water tubing is used for piping smaller than 2”. Copper is a good conductor of heat and enjoys a long-term life span. There are different types of copper pipes that your plumber will choose from.

Specialty Equipment For Underground Work

Qualified plumbers make use of various specialized equipment items. These help to pinpoint the exact location of the damaged line.

HD Sewer Camera

Sewer cameras are conveniently remotely controlled from above the ground. Your trusted plumber will be able to see what’s going on underground on a screen. Sewer cameras come in different sizes and are minimally invasive. They prevent the need for an exploratory excavation and will keep your lawn a lot tidier. Once the crack or leak is located, the plumbing team will be able to provide a permanent repair.

Radar Detection

Radar detection isn’t only handy for ships and airplanes. By using radar, professional plumbers can listen for leaking noises beneath the soil. Once again, this is a non-invasive approach that leaves your lawn untouched until the repair process begins. Keep in mind that any reputable plumber will clean up any mess created during a pipe or sewer repair.

Other equipment can include hydro excavation tunneling, specialty pipe cutting equipment, and custom connectors. Your plumber will which equipment is required for your underground repair.

Fixing Underground Pipes All Over Coral Springs

At Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we are licensed and experienced sewer and pipe plumbers. Our plumbing team performs extensive plumbing work in South Florida.

We’re ready to help whether it’s a broken drain line or a tree root invasion. Make sure you only get the best plumbers for specialized sewer and piping jobs. Call Art at 1-833-470-2880 today.


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