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Updates To Laundry Room Plumbing To Maximize Your Space

Laundry Room Plumbing
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Doing laundry is an important household chore for most families in America. For those large families, it can quickly become a logistical nightmare if you do not have the right systems in place to get large amounts of laundry done each week. Not every household can afford to upgrade their laundry room to a larger space, so it is important to determine how to best utilize the space you already have to better meet your laundry room needs.

There are three major plumbing upgrades to consider making to your laundry room, to not only maximize your existing space but to make it much easier for you to complete your laundry duties while keeping the area as clean and tidy as possible.

Farmhouse Sink

If you’re constantly having to fill up a large tub with soapy water to rinse off dirt that you don’t want going through the washer, or to soak various clothing items to get out stains, then a farmhouse sink would be the best addition to your laundry room. A farmhouse sink is a deep sink that can fit a number of items in it. This is extremely useful to have when preparing your laundry items. It will take up less counter space, and make less of a mess, than a big bucket would. 

Another benefit of having a large sink installed into your laundry room, is having quick access to water when you need it. The faucet will make it easy to fill up your iron or steamer, so that you can iron or steam your clothes in your laundry room easily. Having the sink in your laundry room, will also allow you to hand wash delicate clothing items in the sink and put them directly into the dryer from there. This will save you a lot of travel time if you were hand washing items in the bathroom or kitchen.

Floor Drain

Doing the laundry will often involve a lot of liquids. This is especially true if you have young kids or pets, as they can bring in a lot of mud and dirt. So, if you combine all of the cleaning detergents with the dripping and muddy clothes, it can equate to a very wet laundry room area. Adding a floor drain will therefore allow any excess liquids to flow naturally into the drain and will leave you with a lot less mess to clean up. A floor drain can also reduce the risk of accidents happening from anyone slipping on the wet floor. 

Having a floor drain in the laundry room is also ideal to prevent flood damage from a burst pipe or leak, as the water would naturally go down the drain instead of flooding the room or the rest of your home. This addition is relatively inexpensive and can add the extra bit of safety for your home.

Compact Shower Stall

It may sound strange to have a shower installed into your laundry room area but if you have young kids or pets, and enjoy a clean home, this might be the right addition for you. This type of shower stall can be installed into the corner of your laundry room and the compact design will allow for standing room only. The main idea of this type of shower stall is for it be used mostly for rinsing off. This compact shower addition is great for rinsing off young children after playing outside, or for a dog that’s just rolled around in the mud. After the kids have rinsed off, you can put their muddy clothes straight into the wash before they get into the other areas of the house. This shower area can also be a great wet area to allow any wet clothes that can’t go into the dryer to drip dry off.

Contact us at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric to learn more about the different types of laundry room upgrades. Transforming your laundry room into your dream space is just one phone call away. 


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