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Plumbing Problems Caused By Neglect

plumbing problems
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After a long day, it’s easy to close the door and ignore what seems like minor plumbing problems. However, oftentimes minor plumbing problems can become serious problems with your home’s plumbing system.

Not sure what kind of issues we’re talking about? Let’s explain…

What Happens When You Neglect Your Plumbing?

If you didn’t already know, your home’s plumbing system requires regular inspections to continue to function properly all year long. Neglecting its maintenance can lead to significant plumbing problems in your South Florida home.

Below are common indicators that your neglect has turned into a full-blown plumbing problem.

Leaks and Drips

What seems like a minor drip or leak can lead to burst pipes when left unresolved. Leaks often occur because of rusted joints, cracked pipes, missing washers, or simply, an old faucet. This plumbing problem can damage your home’s walls, ceilings, and flooring, which can weaken its foundation.

Having an experienced plumber look for moisture on or in the walls or mold growth is especially important for your family’s health. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can help clean out debris that builds up in drain lines to avoid future clogs or leaks.

Running Toilet

A toilet that is constantly running can be annoying, but more importantly, it results in water waste. This plumbing problem can easily be resolved by resetting the toilet flush level or looking for a faulty part such as the fill valve or flapper. None of these repairs are expensive and replacing them is simple for homeowners.

Clogged or Slow Drains

A slow drain occurs because of some buildup in the line. When left neglected, it can lead to a complete blockage. A plumbing expert can help resolve this plumbing problem before anything hazardous leaks into the structure of your home.

Broken Shut Off Valve

Not surprisingly, a broken shutoff valve usually isn’t discovered until you need to shut off the water to resolve another plumbing problem. However, if you’re experiencing higher than usual water bills, you may determine something is wrong with your home’s plumbing. A broken shutoff valve is one of the main causes of consistent leaks throughout the home leading to gallons of water wasted monthly.

How An Unmaintained Home Plumbing System Affects Its Efficiency

When you leave home plumbing problems unresolved, it can lead to a lower water supply and reduced water pressure. This means that your family’s ability to flush the toilet, wash clothes or dishes, or even take a shower is affected. Not only does it make daily household tasks harder, but it also increases water costs.

Worse of all, when plumbing issues are neglected, they can lead to decreased property value. This is because water damage can significantly compromise the structure of your home. Also, you may be in violation of local plumbing codes that are meant to ensure the water your family uses is safe, and your sewage system is functioning correctly. All these reasons are why you need to contact an experienced local plumber to resolve your plumbing problems today.

What Health Effects Can Neglecting Plumbing Problems Have on Your Family?

Moisture in the walls or ceiling and leaking sewage can lead to significant health problems including respiratory health symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and sinusitis. Mold or mildew tends to grow on surfaces that are exposed to water, especially where water sits for a long time.

Ultimately, a plumbing system is easily overlooked. However, understanding how to maintain this home system will not only prevent future problems and guarantee safe water in your home, but ensure you don’t have outrageous water bills. You also will have peace of mind knowing that you are less likely to experience a plumbing emergency.

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