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Hidden Plumbing Leaks Revealed

hidden plumbing leaks
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Signs that you have a leak around the home or office may not be as obvious as you think. Identifying hidden plumbing leaks is important as they can be very costly when you consider the effect on your amenities and the damage they can cause to your properties walls, paint, ceilings, and flooring.

Here is a comprehensive checklist of signs that may suggest you have a plumbing leak that licensed professionals like Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can help you with before too much damage is done.

Check Your Water Bills

Your water bill is affected by intrinsic factors such as how many people are in your household and your personal water usage patterns, and extrinsic factors such as irrigation services and the presence of leaks. If you feel that your water bill is higher than usual or out of the limits of a normal water bill, this may be an early sign that there is a hidden plumbing leak on your property.

Check Your Water Meter

Checking your water meter is a great way to track water usage in your home when you don’t have immediate access to your water bill. Most US homes have accessible water meters, situated in boxes underground on your property. Make a note of the total on your meter and try not to use any water for several hours. If you notice that your meter is running or increasing despite there being no overt water usage, you may have a hidden leak. Call your local plumber for full diagnostics or if you cannot locate your water meter and strongly suspect a leak.

Check Outside Your Home

Plumbing leaks can occur both inside and outside of your home or property. Visual cues like puddles, rusty water, and swampy, green ground are helpful but not always present. The best way to determine this would be to check the water meter after you close the main shut-off valve to stop water from entering the home. Once off, the faucets should be run to empty the piping around the property and the water meter checked. If the meter is still increasing, the leak is outdoors.

Check Inside Your Home

Household leaks are very common and often underestimated as the source of leaks and increasing water bills. Toilets, faucets, showerheads, and piping can all have water damage and contribute to hidden plumbing leaks. Some of the signs you may see indoors that suggest a hidden plumbing problem:

  1. Check For Any Bad Smells

    there is a distinct bad odor emitted from old and stagnant water. If you notice a musty, damp or earthy smell in your bathrooms, or from walls or flooring near drains, you may have a hidden plumbing leak. Because this water is not visible, it cannot dry and remains stagnant. This is a major health hazard as a potential breeding ground for germs and insects and it can cause significant damage to your home. Call in a plumber if you notice any lingering odors in your home.

  2. Check For Staining or Sagging

    if you notice any dark, brown or copper staining, water marks, or sagging in the ceiling, there is a high chance that a second-floor bathroom or over-head piping may have a leak. A professional plumber will be able to trace the source of the leak and fix it before the ceiling becomes compromised structurally and runs the risk of falling through.

  3. Check For Damaged Walls

    Warped, stained, or bubbling wall may be a strong indicator of water damage. Drywall – one of the most common materials used for construction – becomes soft when exposed to excessive moisture. This can make the wall weak and compromise your safety. Water damage to walls can also be seen as ruined wallpaper or paint, which can often be an unnecessary costly repair.

  4. Check For Mold or Mildew

    mildew, mold, and fungus love to grow in moist environments. Piping running through the floor or walls is notorious for its affinity for mold accumulation. Although this is a common bathroom problem, it can indicate leaky pipes if found on walls further away from the shower or bath or on the ceiling corners as these areas should not be exposed to enough water. Excessive mold in the house can also be harmful to the lungs in the long term.

  5. Check For Damaged Floors

    although more difficult to damage, leaks can also leave their mark on flooring if left for long enough. Staining, warping, buckling or cracking, or spongey feeling under your feet may suggest a leaky pipe under the floor or from as travelled from another source. Call a plumber in to try to locate and repair the leak.

If you have identified any of these problems in your home and suspect that you may have a hidden plumbing leak, you should not delay to contact a trusted, licensed plumbing company like Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric. We deliver excellent service with guaranteed 100% satisfaction. Contact us to have a fully licensed plumbing professional at your property today.


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