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Commercial Flood Protection Systems for Your Apartment or Condo

HydroClear 3000
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Dealing with smaller-scale residential plumbing issues in a home is one thing. But trying to monitor and fix plumbing problems for apartments and condos can be a real pain if you do not have the best commercial flood protection system installed. This is a life-saver (quite literally!). The importance of a reliable and efficient flood protection system cannot be understated. Fully licensed professionals such as those at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are here to assist you with every step of the process. There are several types of systems you can choose from and each provides slightly different benefits depending on your needs. A knowledgeable professional will give you valuable advice on different flood protection models and will also provide excellent service and installation.

Why You Need A Commercial Flood Protection System

In the event of a flooding emergency, a flood protection system is almost instantly able to shut off the water supply. This is an essential component of any residential or commercial building, especially given the fact that pipes can have vast amounts of high-pressure water gushing out of them in the blink of an eye. In the unfortunate case of a flood, the system’s wireless sensors, when wet, will automatically turn off the water.

A flood protection system is key to protecting your apartment or condo and preventing severe water damage. For buildings which accommodate more people, plumbing systems can experience a great deal of strain. A problem with your plumbing system can arise at any given moment. This means that flooding protection systems (as well as general plumbing maintenance) are crucial. Preventative maintenance can save you a great amount of stress and money, and installing the right flooding systems will protect the property and its residents. On top of all of this, you might get discounts or credit on your insurance premium if you have a preventative system such as this in place.

Types Of Commercial Flood Protection Systems

The plumbing system in your apartment or condo connects to the main water supply. This complex system consists of pipes, tubes, and fixtures that must all be functioning properly in order to avoid any plumbing emergencies. A flood protection system is there to protect you, your building, and its occupants in the unfortunate case of a plumbing issue. There is no universal flood protection system that is best for every need and every scenario. A professional can offer you comprehensive, knowledgeable advice regarding the different systems and the one that will be perfect for you.

  • WaterCop®

    This is an automatic water shut-off valve system that uses wired and wireless sensors which are able to quickly and efficiently detect any signs of flooding. It provides your apartment or condo with ultimate protection around-the-clock, even if there is no one on the property. The automatic shutoff valve system is installed on the main water line. WaterCop sensors are installed in rooms such as bathrooms and near appliances which use water. Immediately after water comes in contact with the sensors, a signal is sent to the main WaterCop valve and water flow is switched off. This is a great flood protection system for keeping property and belongings safe.

  • PipeBurst Pro™

    The PipeBurst Pro automatically detects any leaks and then cuts off the water supply which prevents any severe water damage. It uses FloMeters and TickerValves which can be placed around the apartment or condo and all systems can be remotely controlled and observed. This is particularly useful for landlords or people who don’t spend most of their time at home.

  • HydroClear 3000

    This system takes a slightly different approach to flood detection. It targets water damage in your AC condensate drains can get severely clogged by an accumulation of bacterial sludge which continues to grow until it gets out of hand and shows up all over an apartment or condo. The innovative HydroClear 3000 makes use of scheduled flushes which ensure that the drains are unclogged and clean. You won’t have to worry about leaks, damage or unsafe air quality.

A flood protection system for your apartment or condo provides ultimate peace of mind and safety by preventing or minimizing potential flooding. Water damage can be detrimental, especially when you are dealing with larger buildings such as apartments or condos. For the best in commercial plumbing services and more, contact Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric today at 1-800-475-1504.


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