Sewer And Drain Inspections And How To Unclog Them
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Clogged Sewer And Drain Inspections And Hacks

sewer and drain inspections
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There is honestly nothing more annoying and frustrating than a clogged drain or sewer. You may notice that shower water drains too slowly or the water level in the toilet bowl rises after you’ve flushed. Sometimes you notice foul smells wafting up from the drains when there shouldn’t be any. These are all signs of a clogged drain and that you will need sewer and drain inspections to find out if something needs to be fixed before the problem becomes a burst pipe and you’re dealing with bad-smelling, water damage.

Drains get clogged when there is debris and sedimentation build up on the walls of the pipes. This eventually causes other things like hair to get stuck and creates the clog. Most people know that at the first signs of a clogged drain, the trusty plunger needs to be found and some muscle needs to be put into trying to get the drain unclogged. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t. If it doesn’t work, you will probably take to Google to find a “life hack” on how to unclog the drain yourself. While perhaps a temporary fix, these hacks can often do more harm and damage to the pipes. We at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric believe that knowledge is power and knowing these hacks and what they can really do to your drain gives you the upper hand.

  1. The Chemicals Method

    There are two options to this method. First, a combination that is well known by many people, the combination of baking soda and vinegar, which is said to help remove grime and gunk that has built up on the sides of the pipe via its fizzing action. Secondly, store-bought drain cleaner. Both of these methods rely on a chemical reaction with the grime and dirt to get the drain unclogged, however, this method is a dangerous one. While a vinegar and baking solution is not corrosive, it is completely ineffective in the removal of grease build-up in pipes and therefore, does not actually solve the problem. Drain cleaners, on the other hand are made up of highly-corrosive, dangerous chemicals which may damage the plumbing, in which case, you will need to call an expert anyway. At Plumbing, AC & Electric we offer an incredible, eco-friendly method of drain cleaning that uses enzymes to break down the gunk and grease in your pipes.

  2. The Bent Hanger Wire Method

    While not a very popular method, it is still being marketed as a “hack” to unclog drains. The thought behind this method is that, when hair and other things get stuck in the drain, it forms a large clump which is unable to pass down the pipe, so it sits there and clogs pipes up! This method tries to eliminate physical debris blocking the drain. A normal wire hanger is bent straight and passed into the drain to start fishing for debris. This method can easily scratch and damage the edges of the pipe and there is a high risk that the muck clogging the drain is pushed further down, causing more problems. This method is more gross, and less effective. A better method of clearing gunked up pipes would be with a rooter service.

  3. The Vacuum and Pressure Method

    This method is mostly effective in clogged toilets, but can be used in sinks or other drains. The gist of it is that a vacuum seal needs to be made over the drain. This can be done by covering the drain with a few layers of clingwrap. Then simply flush the toilet. This should cause the clingwrap the bulge up as the pressure inside the toilet bowl increased. Then gently press down on the bulge, which should essentially create a vacuum-type suction, as with a plunger, and unclog the drain. While this doesn’t damage the drain, it also doesn’t eliminate the problem. It gives some temporary relief, but the clog will return and requires an expert to unclog it.

Remember that hacks are only temporary and can be harmful and dangerous to your plumbing. When there are signs of clogging or leaking, it is important to get a licensed plumber to come and do proper sewer and drain inspections. It is wiser to call one of our fully-licensed plumbers from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, or give us a call at 1-800-475-1504 today!


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