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Embrace Enzymes

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In any household, drain cleaning needs to happen on a regular basis. It is important to remove any blockages that may occur in the drains caused by the build-up of organic waste. There is a range of drain cleaners on the market, most of them being caustic based cleaners. These types can be incredibly harmful in the process of drain cleaning because they not only get rid of the waste material but erode your pipes at the same time.

An alternative kind of drain cleaner are enzyme based drain cleaners, which effectively eats only the organic waste in your drain such as grease, hair and food particles. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric offers an enzyme based alternative called BioClean, perfect for successful and long lasting drain cleaning.

Although enzyme based or enzymatic drain cleaners take longer to work, they have many benefits that are definitely worth taking into consideration when on the hunt for the best product. The initial process is slow purely because the enzymes are thoroughly coating the inside of your pipes and multiplying, making the unclogging more efficient in the long run.

Enzymes cannot harm us or our pipes, and only feed on organic waste in the drains. Therefore, enzymatic drain cleaners are the safer option, especially for homes with pets and children. They are also completely earth friendly, and leave the drains without harming the environment. There is also not so much waste as with chemical based drain cleaners because most of the enzymes remain in the drains building colonies that will continue the process for a longer time.

The enzymes within BioClean begin their degreasing action immediately. These living enzymes have the ability to multiply and move freely within your pipes, which has an advantage over traditional cleaners that only affect the area they immediately come into contact with. Waste within your pipes act as food for the enzymes therefore multiplying and increasing cleaning effectivity. By using living enzymes to clean your drains you can experience the benefit of longer lasting action, treatments are only required monthly.

Traditional cleaners require more frequent applications that consist of larger quantities of hazardous chemicals. More prolific bacterial action within drains help prevent the build-up of solids that can block your drain. By using enzymes, the bacterial life is not harmed, and can continue their process of decomposition. These enzymes are not only compatible with the good bacteria in your drain, they also grow more good bacteria which stifles the development of waste solids.

BioClean can also be used to remove build up caused by ineffective caustic based chemicals. The cleaning and unclogging of septic’s, garbage disposals, sumps with pumps, outhouses with vaults as well as R.V. and boat holding tanks is also recommended. By digesting the waste that has accumulated in your pipes, enzyme treatments will remove all bad odors.

Most enzyme treatments are free of poisonous substances, solvents and perfumes, and will not harm you or your loved ones. This makes them the safest alternative to conventional chemical drain cleaners. Embrace this earth friendly, clean and reliable method of drain cleaning. Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric to obtain your supply of BioClean today!


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