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Benefits Of Remote Monitoring Whole Home Generators

remote monitoring whole home generators
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It’s impossible to be in two places at once. You may be a master at ticking multiple items off your to-do list each day. The reality is that at some stage you’re not going to be at home when the power goes out, and what good is a generator if you aren’t able to power it up?

Remote monitoring puts the power in your hands. It allows you to control your whole home generator while you’re at work, in the shops, or at home.

Here are the benefits of remote monitoring whole-home generators.

Full Simulated Control Panel

Remote generator monitoring allows you to access and control anything remotely. It’s as if you were standing right in front of your generator. You have complete control. The simulated control panel gives you status updates wherever you are.

For example, you can:

  • Power the generator on or off
  • Run a full engine and transfer switch test
  • Check and correct any error alerts
  • Change your generator’s exercise schedule
  • Check your generator history

Easy Access

The remote functionality is great even if you’re at home. If it’s pouring with rain outside, you can see all the settings in the comfort of your lounge or bedroom. The control panel will give you the confidence to know that your home is being powered up just how you want it to. Leading generator manufacturers now offer monitoring apps to download to your phone.

Continuous Status Updates

Your remote monitoring device or app will keep you updated. This enables you to address any issues that may develop with your generator. You will receive an alert prompt to respond before your generator shuts down. And if you don’t want to be disturbed, you can change the update cues to suit your preference. Remember to do regular generator maintenance to keep your unit running smoothly.

Easy To Mount

Are you prone to misplacing your phone or car keys? Worried that you’ll lose your remote from time to time? The good news is that remote control panels come with a mounting feature. You’ll be able to mount your remote onto the wall or pop it in a cradle on your desk. You can even access a magnetic backing to keep it on the refrigerator. Being around the size of a credit card, your monitoring device won’t take up unnecessary space.

Always On

Wireless remote monitoring devices are A/C powered. Monitors come with battery backup, which means that you’ll continue to get your status updates. If the batteries are low, you’ll be alerted with more than enough time to do a battery swap out. You also don’t need any specialized tool to open the remote casing.

Cut Disruptions

Remote monitoring whole-home generators keep life simple. Round-the-clock monitoring means that you can be proactive in responding to any problems. You won’t be caught in the dark wondering why your generator suddenly went off or didn’t power up. Continuous notifications and updates put convenience in your hands.

Generac Whole Home Generators

Generac offers a range of generators with convenient remote generator monitoring. Have an older Generac unit? Their Mobile Link Onboard Wi-Fi is backward compatible up to 2010. This means that you can add remote functionality to your existing Generac. Generac has taken one step further to develop a Mobile Link App. It’s available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Don’t want a control panel, monitor your Generac from your phone. What could be easier? You’ll even be able to ask Amazon’s Alexa about the status of your generator.

Remote Monitoring Whole Home Generators In Coral Springs

Our South Florida climate can be volatile. In the case of heavy rain or even a hurricane, a remote monitoring system is essential. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are proud Generac authorized dealers. With Select Dealer Status, our team will confidently install and service your Generac unit. Our installation includes training on how to use your remote-control panel. And our friendly team is available to give further help at any time. Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric at 1-800-475-1504 today.


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