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Why Get An Electrical Inspection When Buying A Home?

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Buying a home is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. That’s why having a home inspection, particularly an electrical inspection, is vital before you close on the sale. Any underlying issues that aren’t found beforehand can lead to costly repairs down the road – perhaps even dangerous ones.

When You Should Get An Electrical Inspection

Any home can benefit from an inspection before a purchase. However, it’s especially important if the home you’re looking at falls under the following categories:

If Your New Home Is Older

Older homes may have a compromised infrastructure that can’t withstand modern electric features. Understandably, you won’t want to depend on wiring that was installed several decades ago. Not only will your current appliances not work as well, but it could also be a fire hazard.

If You’re Buying A Resale Home

The wiring in these homes should be updated, but you never know what the original owners may have done to the electrical system during renovations. A comprehensive inspection, along with a general home inspection, will make sure that the wiring is safe.

If You’re Doing Some Renovations

Maybe you’re the one wanting to do some renovating. In that case, any additions to the pre-existing wiring should be put on hold until you have the “all clear” from an electrician that it’s safe to do so. You’ll want to make sure that the current system can support those updates. If not, you’ll have to get the necessary components to avoid the risk of home fires or blown fuses.

To Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

All electrical systems should be up to code to prevent electrocution accidents. Faulty or “do it yourself” wiring by non-professionals is a huge safety risk to you and your family, along with exposed wires or overloaded circuits. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind you’ll have to know your home is safe. It will also make your movie and video game nights that much more enjoyable!

The Benefits Of Having An Electrical Inspection

Any electric issues that are discovered before the sale is complete fall on the seller, not you, to fix. But any issues after the sale is final become your financial responsibility. There are so many details involved in buying a home so having the electric features inspected is one less thing to worry about.

What To Expect During An Electrical Inspection?

There are many details involved in inspections. Most of them will require an examination of the panels, conduits, boxes, and wires, making sure they are installed and secured properly, and there are no fire hazards. Your electrician will also make sure that there is proper grounding to prevent shocks, which can be dangerous. Finally, your inspection will include looking over the circuit breakers. Depending on the size of the home, a professional inspection can take anywhere from one to three hours.

Electrical Inspection In South Florida

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