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The Benefits Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

electric vehicle charging station
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For many Americans, electric cars are the way of the future. Practical and with as much torque as traditional vehicles, electric cars are known to save drivers money while reducing emissions. An additional benefit is the flexibility of electric vehicle charging stations allowing users to manage charging with apps on their smartphones. Simply plug in your vehicle at one of these stations and have it ready to go by morning – just like you charge your phone overnight so it’s ready the next day.

As time goes on, we’ll be seeing more of these electric vehicle charging stations around. For business owners and property managers, the addition of a charging station to the premises can be a great benefit that will eventually pay for itself.

The Many Benefits Of Electric Cars

Who isn’t familiar with the sense of dread that comes with seeing an increase in gas prices? Who enjoys the inconvenience of having to fill up at the pumps? Electric vehicles allow for increased diversity in fueling options. The United States uses billions of petroleum annually, which is not only expensive for individuals but wreaks havoc on the environment. The electricity that powers electric vehicles is produced domestically, using renewable sources that are much better for our collective carbon footprint. Electric vehicle drivers can feel confident about doing their part to reduce smog in the air and help clean up air conditions.

How Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Can Help Your Business

If you haven’t already considered installing a charging station for your employees, customers, or tenants, here are a few great reasons why you should:

Attract And Keep New Customers And Tenants

Gas stations are a dime a dozen, but as electric vehicles are slow to become mainstream, charging stations can be rather elusive. Offering charging stations at your apartment complex or business will make you an instant favorite for electric car owners (and the number of owners is growing every year). Environmentalism is a pressing concern for many people; having an electric vehicle charging station is a simple way to show that you are environmentally conscious. For people trying to narrow down a place to live or a new place to shop, this is a sure way to gain their attention and support.

Attract And Maintain Employees

Employees and potential new employees who drive electric vehicles will be attracted to businesses that allow them to charge up during the 8-hour workday. Even those who drive gas-powered vehicles will likely appreciate their company’s pro-activeness in making transportation more accessible (and commitment to environmentalism as well).

Parking Fees And User Charging

Alternatively, business or property owners aren’t obligated to making charging services free. You can generate additional revenue by having a charging station available since electric cars are yet to become the new standard for everyone. The popularity of these vehicles depends on where you live, however. In cities where they are more common, it’s a more common practice for business and property owners to provide charging as a free service for members or tenants.

Opportunities For Advertising

Similar to bus stations, electric vehicle charging stations can offer a front for other business owners to promote their services. By paying to use that space, is another way to make additional revenue from charging services.

Learn More About Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Eventually, electric cars will become mainstream. Already, there are at least one million of them on the road in the United States, and that number will only continue to grow. That’s over one million people who will need electric charging stations. Fortunately, we at Art Plumbing, AC & Electric have you covered. Learn more about these charging stations and the installation process by calling us at 1-800-475-1504.



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