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Summer Ready Tips From Your Trusted Electrician

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Summer is fast-approaching, and you and your family are probably looking forward to BBQ’s, pool parties, and quality time spent together. But before you dive into making these special memories, you’ll probably need to get some help from a trusted and certified electrician.

After the cooler months, your home often needs some work and maintenance to get everything up and running. Outdoor spaces and entertainment areas are usually in need of some TLC, so you and your family can fully and safely enjoy them. We’ve come up with some of the most important tips to get yourself outdoor-ready for summer!

Your Pool
A professional electrician is needed to ensure the safety of your pool as we enter the summer months. The National Electrical Code (NEC) has specific regulations to prevent electrical issues with your pool. Your electrician will make sure that everything is up and running so that you and your family can have a fun, safe time free of any electrical accidents.

We advise you to hire an electrician to regularly inspect your pool system. While you could visually check for any wear and tear on your pool pump, most issues, unfortunately, cannot be detected by the untrained eye and they certainly cannot be fixed by a homeowner. The electrical wiring and other components must be attended to by a professional for safe and efficient repair. Trying to fix any electrical issues yourself is dangerous and can make the problem worse.

An electrician can also repair any issues with your pool lights. Common problems involve bad breakers, the GCFI (ground fault circuit interrupter) or faulty pool light fixtures. Again, it’s best to get help from a professional, especially when you’re dealing with electricity and water!

Your Outdoor Lighting
Let your social side light up with a range of outdoor lighting options. When professionally installed, several types of lights can make an enormous difference to your space. Take your backyard to the next level by utilizing outdoor lighting services to create an inviting ambiance for any occasion and to extend the time of those memorable BBQ’s..

Installing landscape lighting around areas such as pathways, driveways, BBQ areas, pools, patios or decks are a practical and useful way to make the most of these spaces. Fairy lights are a simple and budget-friendly yet pleasing way of creating an atmosphere. Lanterns hanging from branches or dotted around your garden are another practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your summer. Motion sensors and floodlights are important in terms of safety. Outdoor lighting comes in all shapes and sizes.

A licensed electrician will make sure that all your lighting is installed and functioning correctly. If you have already made the best use of your garden by adding lighting, you might need an electrician to look at your current outdoor lighting components. Sometimes connections or cables can become faulty and are in need of professional attention.

Your Entertainment Facilities
Enhance your deck and make more use of this space by installing a television, fridge, or ceiling fan. This will make your space more comfortable and ready for a whole summer’s worth of entertainment and enjoyment (and rain). Installing any new addition under an awning or on your deck will guarantee special moments with friends and family all year round, no matter the weather.

The best part is that these installations don’t need to be difficult and costly tasks. With the right electrician, you have peace of mind that you will receive reliable, high-quality service. Your qualified electrician will be trained on all wiring and building code regulations. Electricity and the outdoors can be a dangerous combination if you are attempting a DIY job. A professional electrician will ensure that any safety hazards are fixed and prevented. This includes checking that outdoor electrical sockets are tested and maintained, the wiring is up to standard and the pool pump is working properly.

We want you to have your best summer yet! Which is why our knowledgeable, licensed electricians at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are ready to go the extra mile to make sure that your outdoor area is ready for the best of times.


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