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Don’t Get a Shock with a Pool Electrician

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The National Electrical Code (NEC) puts regulations in place to prevent electrical accidents from occurring in spas and swimming pools. These codes have not been given enough attention and have at times been neglected or ignored, which is why it is important that you a hire a professional electrician that understands and adheres to the NEC . Pool electricians can help ensure that you have a properly installed junction box and correctly wired equipment around the pool to prevent unfortunate accidents. Opting for this service should be encouraged in order to advocate for increased electrical safety and to safeguard you and your loved ones from electrocution.

Safeguards Against Electrocution

  1. Low Voltage Lights

    Lights that are classified as low voltage should be the only lights installed in swimming pools and spas to help prevent chance of electrocution. It is no surprise that when we began to mix water and electricity in our swimming pools by adding lights and pumps, electrocution can become an issue. Unfortunately, it has been tagged as the second-highest cause of death in pools, after drowning. Low voltage lights are believed to do less inherent damage than incandescent lights. They produce approximately 12 volts as opposed to the 120 volts’ incandescent lights produce. Unfortunately, you need to bear in mind that these lights aren’t guaranteed. This means that unless they’re properly installed utilizing the correct components such as the transformer and wiring, and they are properly bonded and grounded; you could still suffer an electrical shock. If you don’t have a licensed pool electrician install your low voltage lights you may subject yourself to an electrical short in the water.

  2. Bonding

    Bonding refers to connecting any uncovered or visible metallic components to one another, as these components do not conduct electricity. This protects you from an electrical shock by creating what is known as a “bonding grid”. If you are in a situation where there is an electrical fault that could cause you to experience an electrical shock, you may be saved by the fact that all of your visible metallic components are bonded together. This works because it ensures that all the conductors have a similar electrical potential negating the effect it would have had, if the electrical potential was different. A pool can be a good grounding point for electrical currents as it will divert any electrical current away from anyone in the pool, and into the ground.

  3. Grounding

    Grounding is an important electrical safeguard against electrocution. By ensuring that the panel is connected to the earth (ground), you allow the ground to be a conductor for electrical currents. If there is an electrical fault that causes an excess of current to pass through the panel, then it will be absorbed by ground (earth) that it is connected to in order to dissipate. When you take into consideration the immense size of the earth, you’ll realize it has the lowest possible electrical potential. If there is an electrical fault with your pool, your panel breaker should automatically trip and shut off any electrical devices that your pool contains (lights, pool pump etc).

Making sure that this system is correctly and safely installed, demands a professional knowledge of the electrical parts and components needed. Therefore, it is encouraged to use the service of a pool electrician to ensure your safety and to ensure the job is done correctly. If you have any concerns about your electrical wiring, contact the team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric for a professional electrical safety inspection.


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