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How Does Video Pipe Inspection Work?

Video Pipe Inspection
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Sewage and water pipes are often buried in the ground and sometimes under concrete! Getting to the root cause of the problem can sometimes seem impossible. This is where piping technology comes to the rescue, video pipe inspection utilizes fiber-optic cameras that snake their way through the pipes and show the plumbing technician the state of the pipes inside.

The Video Pipe Inspection Process

One day you might be walking on your lawn only to discover a puddle forming. Maybe you notice that the water in the toilets in your home rise after flushing. These kinds of issues point to leaks or blockages in your sewage pipes. The simplest way to identify the leak location is to use video pipe inspection.

When the plumbing technician arrives on-site, they will take out all the equipment needed to conduct an inspection. At the forefront of the apparatus is a small, high-definition camera. The camera has a set of headlights in the form of LEDs that light its way. The camera is then attached to a flexible scope that can bend around corners and be maneuvered while inside the pipe.

The scope is then fed into the pipe system at the closest entrance. The entire journey of the apparatus is captured and visible on an external observation monitor. The team can also record the inspection.

One of the best features of a video pipe inspection is the location transmitter. Once the location of the blockage or leak has been identified the camera can transmit its location. Above ground, a receiver is used to home in on the signal so that the rooter team can begin excavating in the right spot.

What Problems Can Video Pipe Inspection Discover?

Virtually all visible issues related to pipes can be detected using a video pipe inspection. This includes:

  • Plant and tree root intrusion into the pipe cavity
  • Subterranean subsidence
  • Grease and scale build-up
  • Corrosion on older metal-based pipes
  • Cracked, broken, and punctured pipes
  • Incorrect gradient affecting drainage
  • Foreign objects unsuitable for flushing down the drain
  • Risks for future issues within your sewage system
  • Non-compliance with plumbing regulations

Advantages Of Video Pipe Inspection

Impossible To Discover Any Other Way

As mentioned above, some of the blockages can occur very far away from where you may notice the symptom. A toilet that won’t drain could be blocked up in a pipe covered by concrete. No plunger will work on a problem that is not immediately close to the toilet bowl.

Better For Your Property

This remote form of problem detection is also less invasive. There is no need to dig up the entire pipeline, potentially damaging your lawn and property.

Eradicate Repeat Problems

Sometimes blocked drains are happening regularly in your home. This can become a costly exercise to always have to call a plumber in. It could be that there is a larger issue in your sewage that once cleared, will eliminate further blockages.

Check The Plumbing Of A New Home

If you’re considering buying a new home you may want to inspect all aspects of the property. You’ve checked the wiring and examined the crawlspaces. Now, you can check the pipes as well to see if they are up to scratch!

Video Pipe Inspection Services In South Florida

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